Hanging out in my Comfy Underwear

You know how there are just some days when you want comfort rather than style? That's where I've been the last few days, and it's all about comfy grey underwear instead of underwire, corsetry and thongs. It's a bit of a cheat this week, but it's underwear that is making me feel comfortable, and making … Continue reading Hanging out in my Comfy Underwear

Fun with Filters (Lingerie is for Everyone)

My continuing journey into the world of lingerie saw some more new arrivals this week. If you saw my "Dirty Picture" story post ( https://jupiterslair.home.blog/2019/06/09/dirty-picture/ ), then you've already seen one, and here is the other. I didn’t want to just post yet another standard and uneventful pic of me in my underwear, however, so … Continue reading Fun with Filters (Lingerie is for Everyone)

Basking in my new basque….

There's a new addition to the crew on my sexy underwear odyssey. Please welcome the "Boudoir Belle Cherry Push-up Basque Set". While it doesn't quite fit the prompt of 'comfort', it does make me feel glamorous, and that in turn makes me feel another tad more comfortable in my own skin. And that is a … Continue reading Basking in my new basque….

Learning to Love My Body with Lovely Lingerie

I've been plus-size for most of my life and, as a result, I have a very uncomfortable and predominantly negative relationship with my body. As to the idea of ever being able to wear sexy lingerie, forget it! For a long time plus-size underwear was functional rather than beautiful, more scaffolding than sensual. Nowadays, thankfully, … Continue reading Learning to Love My Body with Lovely Lingerie