Now available- “A Horny Halloween” audiobook

I'm very pleased to announce that the audiobook version of my own work, "A Horny Halloween: Six Smutty Stories for the Samhain Season" is now available! Each short story features spooky scenarios, smutty and salacious scenes, and sinful situations. 1. The Rite: Three witches gather in a sapphic rite to summon a dark force and … Continue reading Now available- “A Horny Halloween” audiobook

Another Hot August Night

The woman lies naked on her bed, the cool air from the pedestal fan brushing over her body as she strokes her nipples langorously. The dream had been so vivid, so sensual, and she has woken up in the early hours with a heavy throbbing between her legs. The heat and humidity has made her … Continue reading Another Hot August Night

Ace of Wands

(*NSFW) Thrumming and throbbing, the Wand vibrated against my mound as I used my free hand to grasp at my breast, kneading the flesh and pinching the nipple into a rosy, puckering peak. Goosebumps pimpled the circumference of the areola, the skin pulling taut and tense. Pinwheels of iridescent light dancing behind closed eyelids, I … Continue reading Ace of Wands