Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award

Cindi, of the fantastic blog Moondance Pages, has very kindly nominated me for a Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award. Thank you to Cindi- I really appreciate your kindness and support. If you aren't already following Moondance Pages, I really recommend that you do, and do also visit Vincent Ehindero too. Rules: Thank the person that nominated … Continue reading Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award

SoSS #24- Some of the Fab Content I’ve Caught This Week

I've enjoyed catching up on some posts, past and previous, this week. As it's Saturday, and time to share, here's some posts that particularly captured my attention.... Drusilla Queen of Vampires Chapter 8- This is War by Deviant Succubus. I love Deevie's Drusilla series. In this installment, some faces from Drusilla's past bring ugly mayhem … Continue reading SoSS #24- Some of the Fab Content I’ve Caught This Week

SoSS #23- The mini- Catch-up SoSS!!

Oh my goodness, it must seem as though I have dropped off the end of the Earth! (It has occasionally felt that way!) I am still breathing, though, just slogging away at numerous audiobook projects, and immersed in various stories, characters and audio production software!! I'm looking forward to getting a bit more time this … Continue reading SoSS #23- The mini- Catch-up SoSS!!