Cry for Help

Blackness behind weary eyes, Tiredness scratches at her brain. Fog descends and confusion builds And she knows that to others she seems insane. Hallucinations and blurry letters, Computer screen undulates and dances As she struggles to stay awake, And ignore everybody's questioning glances. So much medication that she no longer functions, "The Drugs Don't Work", … Continue reading Cry for Help

Reach – Daily Doodle from

Check out this evocative piece by PMu The beauty of any art is that it speaks to each of us in different and unique ways. To me, "Reach" spoke of the isolation and despair of a depressive episode, the hiding away from the world, broken and bleeding. Yet at the same time, reaching out, … Continue reading Reach – Daily Doodle from

Harm (Trigger Warning)

The constriction, this suffocation; The choking, the struggle to inhale. Clawing fingers of fear and pain, Tearing at the chest, the throat, the solar plexus. The affliction, this consuming terror from causes unknown; Tremulous and weak, holding back the flood. Denying, refusing, Unaccepting. The contradiction, this bloodletting; That which wounds while it comforts, That scars … Continue reading Harm (Trigger Warning)