What’s the Buzz? Sex-Toy Review: He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Sex Doll

“Edward” from Tantaly’s Sex Doll Range. Photo by author (Well, come to think of it, my headless sex-doll lover from tantaly.com actually IS kinda heavy….) Once upon a time, if you’d thought about sex dolls, you might have automatically pictured one of those clown-like plastic blow-up dolls with the gaping mouth and the startled looks … Continue reading What’s the Buzz? Sex-Toy Review: He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Sex Doll

Another Hot August Night

The woman lies naked on her bed, the cool air from the pedestal fan brushing over her body as she strokes her nipples langorously. The dream had been so vivid, so sensual, and she has woken up in the early hours with a heavy throbbing between her legs. The heat and humidity has made her … Continue reading Another Hot August Night

A Sinful Sunday Question

Flying solo but really fancying some kinky play, I attempted to quell the urge by setting up a few fun toys for a photo-shoot. Unsurprisingly, that wasn't quite enough to leave me 'quelled' though, and certain, erm, events transpired, which have left me pondering a deep philosophical question of supreme importance ever since. Namely, ... … Continue reading A Sinful Sunday Question

Digital Dominator

Slide into my psyche with your sweet, sugared words. Tell me what you want, through teasing talk and tempting tales. Make me ache, and pulse, and throb, and moan, as you torture me with the images you plant in my mind. Images of heaving breasts, of glistening cocks and trembling thighs. Images of writhing bodies, … Continue reading Digital Dominator