The Road Not Taken: Sex and the Self-Defeating Girl

At the risk of destroying my sex-blogging credentials, I'm going to own up to something. I haven't had a whole lot of sex in my lifetime. I mean, I've had isolated periods of a lot of sex when I've been in an intimate relationship with the person I've been shagging, but I haven't had a … Continue reading The Road Not Taken: Sex and the Self-Defeating Girl

Cunnilingual Kisses

Kaleidoscopic colours cavort behind clenched eyelids, As you kiss a tender trail from my belly to my bush, My arms outstretched, a sacrifice of sweaty skin and slick sex. Your tantalising tongue tripping over my quaking curves, Warm lips moist, seeking soft, slippery succulence. A tremble tweaks my tensed, taut muscles, My thighs tight and … Continue reading Cunnilingual Kisses

“Let It Go” (and it’s not the one you’re thinking of!)

For Food4ThoughtFriday, The September Song Project, and inspired by Molly Moore I could write an entire thesis on how, from an early age, music has shaped my life. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you'll already know of my love for the music of Kate Bush (AKA The Goddess 😉), but there … Continue reading “Let It Go” (and it’s not the one you’re thinking of!)

Words of Wisdom, Words to Live By: F4TFriday

My mum had two sayings that she loved to quote, and whenever she would use them to calm me in the midst of one of my numerous emotional crises, I would immediately feel better. Though she's no longer here, these words of wisdom often still pop into my head when I'm swimming in crap and … Continue reading Words of Wisdom, Words to Live By: F4TFriday

Getting Candid- Selfies and Sex-Blogging

I abhor having my photo taken. There is nothing like somebody getting out their camera and pointing it in my general direction to make my stomach clench and my skin break out in a nervous sweat. So how is it then that I've become comfortable with publishing quite revealing candid snaps of myself on Jupiter's … Continue reading Getting Candid- Selfies and Sex-Blogging

Oh My Crazy Baby

Please be advised that this post discusses self-harm in some detail and may contain triggers. If you feel this subject matter may be upsetting to you, please be kind to your mind, and avoid reading. If you or someone you care about are struggling with harming behaviour, visit Mind UK- Self Harm information 🌹🌹🌹 I … Continue reading Oh My Crazy Baby