Ace of Wands

(*NSFW) Thrumming and throbbing, the Wand vibrated against my mound as I used my free hand to grasp at my breast, kneading the flesh and pinching the nipple into a rosy, puckering peak. Goosebumps pimpled the circumference of the areola, the skin pulling taut and tense. Pinwheels of iridescent light dancing behind closed eyelids, I … Continue reading Ace of Wands

Crimson Peek

The launch party had wound down now. Thank God. He hated these damn things. Dull as fuck, full of preening sychophants and social climbers. Aside from the free booze, he could see very little point to these kinds of schmooze-fests, and frankly resented being forced to attend. But his publishers insisted on throwing the bloody … Continue reading Crimson Peek