Book Review: “Jessie: An Erotic Romance” by Lexie Mueller

With his marriage in decline, and with his wife Deborah's consent to a non-monogamous relationship, Ira embarks on an affair with Jess, Deborah's best friend. What follows is an erotic, tender and beautiful story of the lifespan of their love affair. Within a couple of chapters of "Jessie:An Erotic Romance" I was in love, both … Continue reading Book Review: “Jessie: An Erotic Romance” by Lexie Mueller

Cunnilingual Kisses

Kaleidoscopic colours cavort behind clenched eyelids, As you kiss a tender trail from my belly to my bush, My arms outstretched, a sacrifice of sweaty skin and slick sex. Your tantalising tongue tripping over my quaking curves, Warm lips moist, seeking soft, slippery succulence. A tremble tweaks my tensed, taut muscles, My thighs tight and … Continue reading Cunnilingual Kisses