SoSS #23- The mini- Catch-up SoSS!!

Oh my goodness, it must seem as though I have dropped off the end of the Earth! (It has occasionally felt that way!) I am still breathing, though, just slogging away at numerous audiobook projects, and immersed in various stories, characters and audio production software!! I'm looking forward to getting a bit more time this … Continue reading SoSS #23- The mini- Catch-up SoSS!!

Thank you Brad Osborne, Glorious Poet Extraordinaire

I have been touched beyond words today by the wonderful poet, Brad Osborne, who has dedicated a poem to me. And has introduced it with such kind and warm words. No one has ever dedicated a poem to me before, and as I have become a huge fan of Brad's poetry and Taoist stories since … Continue reading Thank you Brad Osborne, Glorious Poet Extraordinaire