Recently, from Jupiter…

Hello there, lovely Lairies. I’m back in the Lair once more, and here to share a sample of my recent content from Medium and now, Vocal Media.

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Recent Erotica

Extra Credit

This was further education as he had never imagined it….

Desire’s Deluge

Desire tugged at her body like the moon pulling on the tides….

Yielding to You

It feels like I’ve been waiting forever….

A Mid-Meeting Tease

He may have been busy in his office, but that didn’t stop him teasing me in our bedroom.

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Erotic Poetry

The Happy Valley

[includes audio narration]

She knew that he desired to slide himself between her breasts….

A Kinky Pick-Me-Up

Bend me over our marriage bed….

Oh, For a Torso!

Cause everybody needs a bosom for a pillow, right?…

The Naked Truth

Dare to bare, and show who you are inside….

In The Boldness of Bondage

She is the definition of dichotomy….

A Zing on My Tongue

Intoxication for a divine delectation….

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Recent Articles

Help! I’m Falling in Love with a Client

But company policy means we’ll probably never meet…

When I Began to Hurt Myself

I knew that my mental health had reached a crisis point….

Bullying Made a Hell of My High School Years

I spent three years inside a waking nightmare and, decades later, I was still haunted by it….

NEWSFLASH! Elizabeth Hurley’s Breasts Are Going Viral

Bemused Medium writer is puzzled but delighted, as a four-month-old article suddenly gains some steam….

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Sex Doll

(Well, come to think of it, my headless sex-doll lover from actually IS kinda heavy….)

The Bizarre Case of Gef, The Talking Mongoose

Whether a talking mongoose, a poltergeist, or an elaborate hoax, Gef the mysterious “Dalby Spook” is one of the most fascinating characters in UK folklore….

Poetry as Therapy

Participating in a series of poetry challenges this month has been as emotionally gruelling as twelve months’ worth of therapy — and I’m not even halfway through it yet!

Adding Audio Content to Your Medium Posts Using SoundCloud

Add audio to your posts with these six simple steps, and bring your words to life….

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And there you have it. A small sample of the content you can find on my Medium and Vocal Media pages.

Be well, Lairies, and lots of love until the next time,

Jupi xxx

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