What’s the Buzz? Sex-Toy Review: He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Sex Doll

“Edward” from Tantaly’s Sex Doll Range. Photo by author

(Well, come to think of it, my headless sex-doll lover from tantaly.com actually IS kinda heavy….)

Once upon a time, if you’d thought about sex dolls, you might have automatically pictured one of those clown-like plastic blow-up dolls with the gaping mouth and the startled looks on their faces. While those inflatable lovers are mainly purchased as joke toys for stag and hen parties nowadays, anthropomorphic dolls remain very popular items in the world of sex toys. Moreover, with advancements in materials and technologies, sex dolls are becoming increasingly life-like sex and masturbation aids.

I confess to being fascinated by sex dolls and robots. In fact, one of the short stories in my erotica collection (“A Horny Halloween: Six Smutty Stories for the Samhain Season”) involves a robotic sex doll named “Electra”. I often wondered what it’s like to use a life-like sex doll and, as Covid lockdown put my sex life into stasis, I found myself dwelling on the possibility even more.

Enter the fantastic Maria from Tantaly.com, manufacturers of high quality, realistic, lightweight mini & torso sex dolls. She contacted me about trying out a torso doll from Tantaly’s range, and sent me the links to some of the various models available so that I could choose the one that looked like it best suited my, err, needs. The second I set eyes on Edward, it was lust at first sight.

“Edward: Fresh Out the Box” (no, not that box). Photo by author

My Headless Love: Meet Edward

Edward, a “half-body male torso love doll with huge dildo”, arrived in sturdy and discreet packaging, always welcome when you receive a lot of sex toys and have nosy neighbours.

Immediately upon attempting to lift the box in which Edward was packaged, I realised that this was one hefty toy. For what it is and how it is constructed, yes, okay it is lightweight, but don’t be mistaken; these sex dolls are substantial and their weight reflects it. Edward weighs in at 18.3 lbs (8.3kg), and he is the lighter of Tantaly’s male dolls (the other, Rico, weighs 27.6 lbs). Of the female dolls, the heaviest is the 68.34 lb (31 kg) Monroe, a full-breasted doll with a “natural curvature” and “realistic tunnels” (cor blimey!).

Edward is made of flexible medical grade TPE (thermoplastic elastometer), and measures a total length of 22.26 inches (54cms) and maximum width of 14.17 inches (36 cms). He has pronounced pectoral muscles with slightly protruding “nipples”, a washboard stomach, an Adonis belt (also known as Apollo belt, or “V” abs), a sensually curvy hip area, and a flat base for stability.

“Edward Gets a Hand Job”. Photo by author

Edward’s penis measures 8.27 inches (16cm) in length and 1.77 inches in girth, and has a textured shaft, naturalistic head, and urethral hole. The dildo has a strong adjustable inner-core, meaning that Edward’s ever-erect cock can be easily positioned at the best angle for your body. Meanwhile, the TPE material makes it feel delightfully soft, giving Edward’s member a realistic-feeling skin.Though he has a small hole underneath his realistic wrinkly testicles, Edward doesn’t have an anal channel so, at best, his bottom would be suitable for practicing your fingering or rimming techniques only; anally penetrating or pegging Edward is not advisable.

“Edward At Rest”. Photo by author

Ride on Time

While Edward’s weight and construction make many sexual positions difficult if not impossible to attempt (trying to get an missionary-style action going with him was a fizzer), his primary function lies in, well, lying down. His flat base and heavy build make him perfect for woman-riding-on-top positions; cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and Asian cowgirl (squatting).

Not having the necessary leg strength for squatting, I quickly realised that cowgirl and reverse cowgirl would be my sole go-to positions, at least until I had more time and opportunity for further experimentation. Moreoever, with his torso being quite shallow, it was obvious that I would need to prop Edward up somehow. I found a long-length body pillow, and lay Edward in position on top of it. With a good smear of water-based lubricant applied to his ever-ready appendage, Edward was good to go.

For me, Edward’s penile dimensions were ideal, and with the additional height I had given him by raising him up on a pillow meant that I could ride comfortably and could easily control the depth of penetration. What I particularly enjoyed about masturbating with a torso doll like this was its stability; unlike even the sturdiest of suction-cup dildos, Edward stayed flat and still while I could ride, unimpeded, to my heart’s (and my pussy’s) content!

Though Edward’s skin remained cold to the touch, the feel of his pecs underneath my hands was lovely. Likewise, by adjusting my position on top of him, I could get Edward’s lower abdomen area to brush against my clitoris and pubic mound while I rode. While not as good as the real thing, this was certainly a new and welcome feature in a sex toy!

Most women have a go-to position in which the like to masturbate. For some, facing down the way with their hand or toy underneath their raised hips is the easiest way to get off. I am a missionary-style masturbator, and prefer to lay on my back. As such, I found that I couldn’t ride on Edward for any lengthy periods of time before I would get frustrated and, if I’m honest, a little bored (sorry, Edward!). For me, the enjoyment I get from riding positions is in large part due to the movements of my lover underneath me, his upward thrusts, his hands on my hips and bottom, and his eyes looking up at me. Unfortunately, when riding a headless, armless doll, you inevitably realise how much you miss these small but important factors.

Similarly I, like many women, cannot achieve orgasm through vaginal penetration alone, and require clitoral stimulation to give me the necessary push over the precipice. Though I was able to achieve some level of friction against the base of Edward’s cock and his lower abdomen, it wasn’t quite enough to get me to where I wanted to go. However, Edward’s lower belly makes a perfect shelf on which to rest a vibrator or wand and thus, by incorporating my trusty orgasm-guaranteed magic wand into the mix, I was able to achieve a couple of intense and very satisfying orgasms.

In my adventures with Edward, I have only ever used him for vaginal penetration. However, if you are an experienced anal aficionado and use copious amounts of lubricant and lots of care, he can also be used for anal fun for women and men alike. With a beautifully textured, soft-yet-stiff feeling penis, Edward also makes an ideal model on which to practice your oral technique.

With his exquisite construction, solid build, and beautifully chiselled design, the Edward 18.74lb Half Body Male Torso Love Doll is definitely a quality sex doll. He has certainly been a welcome addition to my bedroom, especially throughout lockdown. And, if you are someone who likes to ride, Edward could very well be just the kind of strong, silent type you’ve been looking for!

The Edward usually retails at $189.99, but at the time of writing (June 2021), he is currently reduced to $132.99. Visit Tantaly.com for more, and use the code “Dream” to get 10% off your entire order.

I would like to thank Maria from Tantaly for sending me the Edward 18.74lb Half Body Male Torso Love Doll for an impartial review. Whilst I received the toy for free, this has not influenced my opinion in any way. Likewise, this post contains no affiliate links or marketing, and I have not received payment for my review.

Jupiter Grant is a self-published author, sex-blogger, narrator, and audiobook producer.

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