Starting 2021 with A Bang (or Two): Sharing My January Shit

Hi there, lovely Lairies!

I hope that you are all well, and that your 2021 has gotten off to a great start.

My progress on catching up on all the blog posts in my notifications is, well, sketchy at best, but I’m making my way through as often as my schedule will allow.

I’m delighted to update you on some of my latest work on Medium. January was another bumper month for me, and I was also very excited to gain Top Writer status in Poetry and in Satire. Though Medium doesn’t give “Top Writer” status in the field of Sex and Erotica, my offerings consistently feature amongst the top performers in the erotica tag. So I am very flattered and excited about my progress.

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Erotic Stories

Alleyway Adventure

When your pussy is in charge, sometimes she leads you to some insalubrious places…

Not- So Snow White and the Circle of Seven

Having escaped the brutish Woodsman and his over-eager phallus, Not-So Snow White happens upon the cottage of seven short but sexy coal miners in a key-workers’ house-share….

Giving Him Joi

She’s in charge — even when she’s not there…

How To Submit?

Fun with homonyms


It was the smell of her perfume that first drew me in…

A Mind Set Racing

When you’ve got a filthy mind, the slightest thing can set you off….


A Lesson in Domination

The Countdown

A Switchblade to My Heart


Go Away, Snow!

Do You Know?

A Change of Perpective

Whenever You Hold Me

A Dress of White

Who Really Cares About My Holes?


Liz Hurley in “Woman Has Breasts” Shocker!

Words to Live Your Life By

Today (4th February) is World Cancer Day

Communication Breakdown

So, there you have it. Should you pop by my Medium page for a read, I hope that you enjoy these and my other pieces.

I wish you all a lovely weekend, and all the best for the month ahead.

Love, Jupi xxx

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