New Year, New Stuff

Happy New Year, lovely Lairies.

I know. I’m hideously late on this. 2021 is already 23 days old. I apologise- things have been very busy. Life as a self-employed freelancer is very rewarding but, at the moment, very hectic and very tiring.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and hope that the virus didn’t impact too heavily on your enjoyment of the season.

As some of you will be aware, I am now doing a lot of my writing on Medium now. I was elated yesterday to be informed that I am now a Top Writer in the categories of Poetry and of Satire, and I am surprised and excited by how well my new Medium journey has been progressing.

On that note, I thought I would pop by to let you know about some new stuff I’ve published recently that you might be interested to read.

This week, I finished the Part Two to my Adult Fairy Tale version of Snow White. In this installment, “Not-So Snow White and the Circle of Seven” Snow White is fleeing from the over-sexed Woodsman from Part One when she encounters seven short but sexy coal miners in a key-workers’ house-share. They offer her shelter in their cottage on the edge of the woods and, well, as you may suspect, things get a little spicy!

I was invited by the publisher of My Selection to write a post on a piece of literature that inspired me. I wrote about my favourite author, Kim Wilkins, and her amazing novel “Angel of Ruin“.

I wrote a short piece about a woman being fucked by a stranger in a darkened alley in “Alleyway Adventure”.

I wrote a little snippet in Everything Shortform on writing everyday and trying to decide 1) whether you will have a niche genre and, if so, what it will be; and, 2) deciding on your topic and style.

I have published a number of poems, among which are;

A Switchblade to My Heart

In Heat

A Lesson in Domination

Whenever You Hold Me

With Age Comes Wisdom

While You Sleep

And, finally, I wrapped up 2020 with a post on my three best performing stories on Medium. All three are still sitting at the top of my stats and performing well, while Deep Impact, published on Medium on New Years Day, is my top earner of the month so far.

Stay safe and well, everyone, and may your 2021 be a great one.


Jupi xxx

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