The Painter

I wasn’t always a fan of semen. In fact, I would go so far as to say that in my younger years, I actually had an aversion to spunk. It was all gluggy and gluey, with a whiff of chlorine and ammonia that made me think of Windex window-cleaner mixed with a dash of fruit juice. Though I loved giving head, I could never bring myself to swallow the resulting discharge, and when my boyfriends would cum, I would let the semen dribble out of my open mouth onto their lower belly and groin. I would perform this little spit-out ritual in the sexiest way I knew how; looking up with a cheeky twinkle in my eyes, maybe a saucy smile, as I let their man milk ooze from between my lips. However, in reality, I was trying not to gag, and couldn’t get that gunk out of my mouth fast enough.

Then I met The Painter…..

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Image by Clarissa Carbungco on Upsplash

17 thoughts on “The Painter

  1. My word of the day is very appropriate here, Beautiful.

    That was a luscious story. And I have smelled my semen go from chlorinated to just fertile or at least that is what my lover tells me.
    Diet accounts I believe. Spring fed well vs city, Whole Foods and less meat.

    I could see Montmartre and Sacre Coeur. Feel the Parisian pan ah chocolate melt in my mouth as only one fresh from the patisserie’s ovens will do.

    Luscious and incredible descriptions.

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    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful and kind comments, David.
      Yes, diet plays a big part in the taste!
      I’m glad I was able to whisk you off to Paris for a while. Happy New Year 🥂 😘

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