Writing Once Again: Bye for Now, Writer’s Block!

Hello again, my lovely Lair-ies. I hope that you are all well and, if you are currently in a Covid lockdown, I hope you are not going too stir-crazy. (We went into Lockdown 2.0 a couple of weeks ago here in the UK πŸ˜₯)

The week just past has been a very productive and positive one for me, despite not having any audiobook work for the first time in about a year. To make the most of the downturn, I decided to (finally) join Medium and, lo and behold, my writer’s block suddenly lifted with a vengeance.

To my amazement, and immense delight, two of my articles were picked up by a couple of publications;

“Learn How to Turn Your Book into an Audiobook” on Better Marketing

“”Give It a F#*king Rest!”: Stepping Away from Social Media for the Sake of Your Sanity’ on The Innovation

My poem “Did We Have Sex This Morning?”, previously published here on the blog, was accepted for publication by Sex and Satire, and I have an article under consideration by another Medium publication.

I have written an article for a company, and have my fingers crossed that they will become a regular client, AND to cap off an amazing week, I had a fantastic live-chat with writer and podcaster Isoellen on her podcast Isoellen Writes: Stories for Adults! I was a little anxious beforehand, but Isoellen was such a wonderful host that I got over that immediately and had a great time. I even got to do a couple of readings! Isoellen will be putting up the replays of all of her recent live podcasts in the next few weeks, so you will have a chance to listen later. (I recommend subscribing to her podcast to take a listen to her older episodes, too. They’re very funny, and she’s done some fantastic interviews!)

So, there you have it. Though the audio-production door remained closed, the content writing door opened up for me again, and I have found myself really enjoying life and kind of awestruck and really chuffed at how well my work has been received this week.

I hope that you, likewise, had a fantastic week and a happy weekend, and send you hugs and kisses from a locked-down London.

Love, Jupiter πŸ’‹

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