Lamentations of a Freelancer: The Struggle to Survive in the COVID Economy [Article]

Hello, Lovely Lairies!

I have written an article over on Medium, and wanted to share the link with you. I am new to Medium, so please forgive me if I’ve got this wrong, but this should be a “Friends Link”, meaning that if you aren’t a Medium member and have already used up your free views, you can still access it. (Please let me know if that isn’t the case!)….


It can be damn hard working in a gig-economy, even in the best of times. As the COVID pandemic continues to grip the world, and we find ourselves facing some of the very worst of times, it is even harder for freelancers, sole traders and the self-employed to eke out a living. With many more of us vying for work, and some governments showing little recognition of freelance and self-employed workers when it comes to their emergency support schemes, many of us are struggling like never before to keep the wolves from the door. So when people try to haggle us down to working for peanuts, attempt to bail out on their bills, and generally treat us as little more than dancing monkeys for hire, you’ll forgive us if our understanding and good-will start to evaporate…

I hope you like it.


Jupiter x

5 thoughts on “Lamentations of a Freelancer: The Struggle to Survive in the COVID Economy [Article]

  1. During a pandemic, many people go home for so-called remote work. In view of their underemployment, and for some even unemployed, they go to various exchanges, including freelancers, increasing the already considerable competition there. All these processes are understandable and hopefully will come to a proper state with the end of the pandemic.

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    1. Yes, there’s a lot more people looking. I’m interested to know how others have found working through those freelancer sites and exchanges, as I haven’t had much success with them at all. I think you’re absolutely right, though, once we get out of the pandemic, things will gradually re-balance and find a state of equilibrium. Thanks, Lisa xx


  2. Everything is upside down with this pandemic and I hope truly that with a vaccine life can go back to normal! Best of luck to you Jupiter!

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