Something for Everyone: Brand New Audiobooks Hitting Retail This Week

Hello there, lovely Lairies. I hope that you are all hale and hearty and staying healthy and happy despite the dreaded virus and accompanying social restrictions.

I have been keeping myself amused by producing lots of audiobooks and, by a strange coincidence, ALL of my recent projects have cleared ACX/Amazon Audible’s Quality Assurance at the same time. (They usually sit in the queue for around a month, and are only released to retail in dribs and drabs.)

As a result, there are 18- yes 18!!- brand new audiobooks that I have voiced and produced that are hitting retail in the coming days. There are some fantastic titles coming, and I thought I’d let you know about some of those that I think some of you Lairies might enjoy….

“The Lesbian and the Homophobic President”- by Judy Ramsook

“The Lesbian and the Homophobic President” US / UK

This story has it all- drama, intrigue, romance, and steamy sex!

Journalist Kelly Windemere is mourning the death of her lover, Sandy. She and her best friend of twenty-nine years, Jackie Lee, went to school with the newly-inaugurated US President, Will Banks Jnr, a bully, war-mongerer and a homophobe to boot.

Working in cahoots with tele-evangelist Ed Styles, President Banks has concocted an evil plot against the gay and lesbian community. Of course, the fact that he has always hated Kelly, a lesbian, spurs his actions, especially when he discovers the growing frisson of sexual tension developing between his arch-enemy and her pal Jackie, who is straight (but starting to question), engaged to be married, and the woman Will has always fancied…

This is such a romp of a story, with a host of well-fleshed out characters. It was loads of fun to work on, and whether you get a copy of the audiobook with my narration, or pick up an e-book copy for your Kindle, I highly recommend it if you enjoy romance and drama!

( US / UK )

“The Incentive” US / UK

“The Incentive: (Bondage and Bribery Book 1)” by Sarah Louise Rosmond

Kinky sex and BDSM abound in this story of PA, Jessica Blake, who is finding herself bored and frustrated in her job, and dreams of leaving her shitty flat in London and travelling the world.

Having just split with her boyfriend, Jess is ready to make some changes in her life, so she pens her resignation letter and is ready to tell her boss, the brooding and sexy Michael Parker, just where he can stick his job. But when frustration and too much alcohol lead to her bursting into his office one night, it transpires that Michael isn’t ready to let her leave just yet. Thus begins a dance of taut sexual tension, blackmail and bribery, and, yes, a whole lotta kink and bondage.

I fell in love with the two main characters in this one; there is no doubt they have their flaws, yet the author still manages to make them endearing. A sexy BDSM romance in the vein of E.L James or Sylvia Day, if you like your romance with a hefty side order of kink, this is one is definitely for you…

( US / UK )

“Immortal Coven” US / UK

“Immortal Coven” by Zelda Knight

For all you lovers of vampire erotica, this short-listen sees dhampir witch, Annette Gallagher, attending the All Hallows Eve Ball on a mission to destroy Crown Prince Kraven, the heir to the Vampyre throne. But as we all know, vampires have an uncanny ability to weave a seductive spell, and Annette will have to act fast if she’s to avoid being drawn in by Kraven’s dark, sexual glamour.

For those who like it quick, hot, and preternatural……

( US / UK )

The “Crossdresser Stories” Series by Hellen Heels

“Promises, Promises”
“What She Wants, She Gets”

Short-listen erotica stories featuring dominant women who make their male lovers dress-up. If crossdressing, sissy-play and female dominance is your bag, check these out……

#1: Dylan’s First Day at Work US / UK , #5 “Marriage on the RoX” US / UK , #6 “Submit to Professor” US / UK, #7 “More Than a Haircut” US / UK, #8 “What She Wants, She Gets” US / UK, #11 “Dental Hygiene” US /UK , #13 “Promises, Promises” US / UK, #18 “His Incompetence” US / UK

“Femdom Army” Series by Hellen Heels

#2 “Pegging Lessons” US / UK

More short listen stories from Hellen Heels. Mistress Kennedy is a sexy Domme who likes to dominate Army men and turn those usually tough soldiers and generals into quivering, sweating, pleading messes with her trusty collection of strap-ons and other sexy toys. If you like your Femdom with tough guys being reduced to pegging-induced putty, then step right this way…..

#2 “Pegging Lessons” US/ UK , #4 “Obedience” US / UK , #7 “Unchained” US /UK , #8 “Denial” US /UK , #11 “Party Favors” US / UK , #12 “He Can’t Say No” US /UK ,

100+ Horny Sex Stories” by Clara Parker US / UK

Bumper Erotic Story Collections: 100+ Horny Sex Stories and 150+ Taboo Sex Stories

For those who like a whole lotta- ahem- bang for their buck, these bumper audio collections of sexy stories both have a running time of over 20 hours. They retail $29.95 USD, but would be perfect to purchase using your monthly Audible subscription credit.

“150+ Taboo Sex Stories” by Melissa Parker US / UK

Not an Audible Subscription member? Why not join now? You get your desired audiobook for free today just by joining on a 30-day trial. Then, each month, for a small monthly subscription fee ($14.95 US, £7.99 UK) you get a credit every month with which you can buy ANY audiobook of your choosing, regardless of its retail cost- FREE. The Audible range contains not just books, but radio shows, BBC comedy classics, stand-up, documentaries, text books, drama series- the list is looooong.

Now, Vested-Interest-Alert: in the interest of transparency, I do earn a little “bounty” from Amazon if you join the Audible program by selecting one of the links above and choosing that title as your first free audiobook. However, I myself have been a subscriber for about three years now (long before I started narrating and producing them), and I always look forward to receiving my credit each month and picking up another audiobook from my Wish List. I’ve amassed quite a collection over the years and so, regardless of any vested interests on my part, I can heartily recommend joining.

Also in the interest of full disclosure, with the exception of “The Incentive: Bondage and Bribery”, I don’t have a royalty-interest in any of the above titles, and don’t earn any royalties from sales of these titles. I just wanted to share them as I thought some of these may appeal to you lovely Lairies!

Something I DO have a royalty-interest in, of course, is my own title “A Horny Halloween: Six Smutty Stories for the Samhain Season”, and as the spooky season is upon us, I will close with a little plug for this book, available on its own, or as a part of the “Interplanetary Quartet #1” collection.

“A Horny Halloween: Six Smutty Stories for the Samhain Season” US / UK

Take care, you lovely people. And happy listening.

Love, Jupiter x

“Interplanetary Quartet #1: A Collection of Four Titles from Jupiter” US / UK

For a full list of my Audiobook Narration/ Production credits, along with links to hear a sample and/or purchase, visit my “Available at Amazon” page. Newly Released and Coming Soon titles are added regularly.

Would you like a free promotional copy in exchange for an impartial review on Audible/ Amazon or your Blog/ Social Media? Contact me via “Contact” and let me know the name of the title and whether you require a US or UK promo code (I have access to some promo copies for most, though not all titles.

Have you published, or are you planning to publish your work on Amazon? Looking for a narrator, or just some no-obligation tips on how to go about turning your book into an Audible audiobook and opening up your work (and your royalty stream) to a broader audience? Feel free to contact me via my Contact page with your questions. You can also find me at my ACX profile page, or find out more about ACX here

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  1. Lovely Jupiter, quite lovely and exciting as well. Those audiobooks are certainly enticing. I’m sure you’ll be very very successful! Take good care and all the best 😊🌺🍷💙

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      1. You are very welcome Jupiter! Thanks so much and all well here in Mediterranean Spain, hoping you’re well and good. Take good care and all the best,

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