A Flick of the Switch

With soft, sweeping caresses, I run a solitary finger up and down the warm lips that frame my rapidly dampening slit. I picture your face, your lips, your eyes, as I allow my digit to edge ever closer to my liquid centre. The brush of coarse hair against my fingertip makes it tingle.

With gradually increasing pressure, I press the flesh of my labia closer to my excited clit, and savour the sweet sensation of my growing arousal. My nipples harden, as I rub my swelling button with my puffy pussy lips.

The yearning builds with each brush, and each flick. My clit begs for more; closer, harder, faster. I feel my slippery core begin to bubble, and my creamy juices seep into the crotch of my underwear. I let my finger slide momentarily into the thick slick of fluid and enjoy the frisson of pleasure when the tip of my finger meets the ravenous mouth of my cunt.

I bring my wet digit up to dampen the swollen pearl of pleasure at the top of my vulva and flick it briskly before returning to circling it langorously. I play with my humid pussy and let the orgasm build. My clit feels hard against my fingertip, and I let my hips twist and writhe.

I press more deeply, and tighten the muscles of my cunt as I rub my clit faster until I feel my finger getting wetter with my juicy lubricant. I stroke and tease and tickle, my climax ready to spill forth from my hot, wet pussy. Finger moves faster and faster over my desperate clit until oh, oh, oh…..

My cunt clenches and I feel the wetness dripping down the crack of my bottom and I rub my nub with one hand and pinch my nipple with the other. With my mouth hanging open, I arch my head back and moan as the wave of my urgent need crests and then recedes.

In the dying moments of my orgasmic pleasure, I think once more of you, and wish you were here to hold me in your arms and kiss me back down to earth again. I wonder what you’re doing, and how your lips taste right at this moment. I wonder if by some happy chance you are dreaming of me, your unconscious eyes watching me as I bring myself off to thoughts of you, as though you were some astral traveller hovering above my bed.

Image: Love Yourself by the-third. Click image to visit source.

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