Did We Have Sex This Morning…..?

Poem: Did We Have Sex This Morning?- NOW WITH AUDIO 🙂

Jupiter's Lair

Did we have sex this morning

As the sun was coming up?

I seem to have the mem’ry

Of a lazy morning fuck.

The recollection of your hand

Caressing my bare thigh

And of me op’ning up my legs

Though closed, still, were my eyes.

Do I recall the prickly brush

Of early morning stubble?

Or am I just so drunk on sleep

That my mind is now befuddled?

I think that I remember

My leg slung o’er your hip

My eyes still shut, but I think I may

Have bitten on my lip.

If we did fuck, did either of us

Make a single sound?

Or did we both keep silent as

Upon your cock I ground?

Did I blindly stroke your face

The way I often do?

Or run my fingers through your hair

The way you like me to?

And then, when (or if) we came,


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