Did We Have Sex This Morning…..?

Did we have sex this morning

As the sun was coming up?

I seem to have the mem’ry

Of a lazy morning fuck.

The recollection of your hand

Caressing my bare thigh

And of me op’ning up my legs

Though closed, still, were my eyes.

Do I recall the prickly brush

Of early morning stubble?

Or am I just so drunk on sleep

That my mind is now befuddled?

I think that I remember

My leg slung o’er your hip

My eyes still shut, but I think I may

Have bitten on my lip.

If we did fuck, did either of us

Make a single sound?

Or did we both keep silent as

Upon your cock I ground?

Did I blindly stroke your face

The way I often do?

Or run my fingers through your hair

The way you like me to?

And then, when (or if) we came,

What noises did we make?

Did I moan your name, did you breathe out mine?

Did our conjoined bodies shake?

I’d presume that when we finished

We arranged ourselves to spoon,

Then soon returned to muffled snores

In the half-light of our room?

I didn’t really waken up

Until an hour ago

But these recurring images

Have made me want to know.

Was it a dream, a fantasy,

An REM illusion,

Or did you really wake me with

Your jutting hard protrusion?

Please don’t be hurt I can’t recall,

Or worry that you’re boring.

It’s not that you’re not memorable,

I’m just not good with mornings…

Audio: Did We Have Sex This Morning?

19 thoughts on “Did We Have Sex This Morning…..?

  1. Playful with just the right amount of dry wit! These are the lascivious and lustful words I have been missing. The combination of eroticism with a touch of humor is hard to resist. I would have been able to tell you wrote this, even without a byline. It is so you! Love you, Jupiter!

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  2. Thank you for a delightful gift to remember as I now go to bed, perhaps to sleep, perhaps to dream, perhaps to reenact these lyrics. It would make a fun song. I’m reminded of Ogden Nash”s poems.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I read this yesterday and this morning in the wee hours had the pleasure of one of these moments. Divine.
    I loved the way you wrote this piece. You have a gift. Thanks for your inspiration and sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Simply wonderful…….have had a few of these moments and it’s wonderful to head off to work with this image. People notice that “smile”……

    Liked by 1 person

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