Turn Up the Volume on “Volume”: Audio Erotica

I am just popping in briefly to tell those of you who may have already read my short erotica from last week, “Volume“,ย  that you can now enjoy it in audio format, should you wish to hear me purring and climaxing in your ears ๐Ÿ˜‰

And, if you haven’t already become acquainted with this short offering in praise of loud, vocal fucking- what’s keeping you?

Image: https://karrahleigh.tumblr.com


12 thoughts on “Turn Up the Volume on “Volume”: Audio Erotica

  1. I had already read Volume, so I knew the story and had ‘enjoyed’ reading it. But, I wanted to hear you read it, and I came prepared with lube and a towel. I hit ‘play’ and closed my eyes, I was not disappointed.

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