The sound that escaped my throat when his calloused fingers slid their way inside the waistband of my simple cotton knickers was unlike any sound I had ever heard myself make before. Halfway between a husky croak and a piercing shriek, it was a paean to the desire that had been locked inside me for months, with no real opportunity to be satiated. Sure, I had masturbated- a lot!- while we had been apart, but it was never the same; a necessary dribble of release rather than a truly magnificent eruption of pleasure.

He chuckled softly when he heard my strangled sob, and smiled.

“I know, baby,” he murmured, warmly, as he leaned forward to kiss me. “I feel much the same. I’ve missed you so damn much…”

The moment that his mouth met mine, his tongue flitting across my parted lips with the barest of soft touches, he let his middle finger slip down through the warm nest of my pubic hair and between the topmost opening of my pussy. I felt such heat coursing between my legs that I couldn’t suppress a strangled moan. His fingertip glanced lightly over my clit, sliding down further to caress my labia, before gently teasing the softer, damper flesh of my sodden slit.

“Hmm, you’re already so wet,” he breathed when he finally released my mouth. “And warm, too. God, I’m gonna enjoy sinking my prick into you.”

I couldn’t even speak for the lust that overcame me. My nipples were tight and puckering, tingling each time they brushed against his skin. While he fingered my famished opening, I took hold of my panties and pushed them urgently down my legs. I did not want to wait one second longer than was absolutely necessary. I wanted to ride on blissful waves of pleasure as he filled my cunt and plunged hard and fast into my desperate flesh.

I felt his finger slip deeper into me, joined by another, and he began to swirl and rotate the two digits over my g-spot. I could hear the wet slurp as my hot need engulfed them. He rubbed his thumb over my pining clit, and the combination of this dual stimulation made me mewl.

God, the smell of him. The warm, musky scent of my own pussy. The brush of his skin against mine. It was like sensory overload. I felt as though I was drowning in a whirlpool of ecstasy, unable to anchor myself. Every hot pulse, every shiver-inducing tingle, every yearning throb, and every wet sound of my desire-dampened slick, was an overwhelming, but much longed-for assault on my senses. I heard myself moaning and keening as my body writhed, desperate to release the tension that flooded me.

The movement of his fingers and thumb increased to more urgent action now. The circles over my g-spot turned to a brisk in-and-out motion, with the upper knuckles bent at a slight angle to hit that swollen bulb of flesh with each thrust. His thumb, meanwhile, pressed harder against my clit, rubbing frantically each time his fingers plunged into my sopping cunt. I cried out loud, vaguely registering that the neighbours in the flat next door were home and that I should try to keep my volume down, but I couldn’t make my wailing stop. I was so close to that edge, right on the precipice, and utterly lost in the sensations building within me.

“Oh, baby, yes, yes, yes,” I shrieked, as I felt myself rising on the crest of that first wave. “I’m gonna cum. Oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!”

My orgasmic cry was like a litany, a mantra of untold bliss that poured from me without any consciousness or control. I couldn’t have stopped blindly repeating those words- “I’m cumming” – again and again and again, if I’d wanted to. I was too busy focusing on surfing the undulating wave of my climax, wanting to keep riding it as long as possible until it finally broke, sending me soaring back down the other side. As the climb peaked and I toppled back to earth, my moans, and cries and throaty groans of “don’t stop, oh God, please don’t stop” grew louder and louder, before turning immediately into an elated peal of laughter as the orgasm started to ebb. Laughter at how vocal I had been, and then laughing with sheer joy at the power of my release.

He smiled at me and murmured, “Christ, that was so fucking sexy. That sound is like music to my ears.”

Then, with a dirty grin, he picked up the rhythm again. His fingers and thumb moved rapidly, determined to extract another orgasm from me, and he chuckled, “Play it again, Sam…”

Like I had any choice. His skilled hand picked up the whispy skeins of my first climax to quickly weave another, and then another on top of that, while I cried, “Ohhhhhh, yesssssss!!!!” like a crazed, wailing banshee.

As the third peak began to subside, I panted frantically, “Fuck me. Please baby, put it in me and fuck me.”

He didn’t need to be asked twice. There was a hot fire in his eyes as he removed his fingers and gave them a quick suck, before taking his hard length in his hand and sinking his cock into my still -contracting cunt. His moan as my pussy enclosed around him was almost as loud as my own.

There was no preamble, no slow, languorous strokes as he built up pace. Instead, his hips moved rapidly back and forth, his balls slapping hard against my wet flesh and his prick ploughing urgently in and out of my pussy. With each plunge, he let out a deep grunt, which echoed in perfect unison with my own.

We were so loud; wild and feral like rutting animals. The sound of flesh hitting damp flesh was drowned out by the sounds of urgent lust that tumbled out of us, without any care for how much noise we were making. No thoughts of embarrassment about the neighbours hearing us fucking. We were both eclipsed by the ecstasy of being together again, after what had felt like forever. There was no thought, no way to restrain ourselves. It was primal and powerful pleasure.

When I came, I howled, and seemingly on automatic pilot, my legs rose into the air, forming a wide “V” on either side of his furiously fucking hips as my body tried to bring even more of him inside. He grabbed my calves in his big hands and held tight, supporting my legs and holding them open as he pounded harder and harder, before hollering, “Fuck, yes! I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum so hard!”

“Cum all over me,” I shouted. “Cover me in it.”

Just the thought of his hot spunk covering my body was enough to push me over into another climax, and as I shrieked his name in the throes of my bliss, he pulled his cock out of me and stroked quickly. I lowered my legs, which were now weak and trembling, and raised myself up on my elbows to watch him cum. He shouted my name, which was so erotic to me that I felt my pussy clenching and contracting tightly, and then his pearlescent fluids spilled and spurted from his glistening, blood-darkened prick. Ropes and ropes of cum hit my mons, my belly, all the way up to my breasts as he grunted out half-formed phrases, an unfathomable language of lust, yet I somehow understood every word.

We were breathless and panting hard for a long time as we both came back down, our foreheads pressed together and our hands reaching for each other, fingers entwined. We gave each other occasional kisses, and every once in a while one of us would mutter,”oh my God”, or “fuck”, or “holy shit, that was incredible” until we both dozed off into a satisfied sleep.

The following day, when I bumped into my next door neighbour when taking the rubbish down to the bins, I could swear I saw her smirk a little and give me a knowing look. I can honestly say it was worth the momentary embarrassment; I was floating on cloud nine after such a mind-blowing fuck, so much so that I didn’t care if the whole damn building heard us!



27 thoughts on “Volume

  1. Wonderfully descriptive and sensual. Your writing rises and falls with the tantric rhythm of beautiful moments you describe. It is hard not to be easily overcome by arousal. Well written, my lovely Jupiter!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You most definitely weave a skein of emotions and feelings into the fabric of a very erotic and entertaining story! All I could think of was “YES!!! This must be my partner’s perspective when we have similar experiences.
    Nice to see it from the other side.

    Liked by 2 people

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