I Miss You So Frickin’ Much

Oh, lovely Lair-ies. I miss you, and I’m very sorry that I haven’t been keeping on top of reading your posts and writing my own.

I have been glued to the microphone and the Digital Audio Workstation non-stop, making much needed hay while the sun shines (long story, I’ll explain later πŸ˜‰).

But I haven’t forgotten you, and I am very thankful to those of you have been popping by the Lair and catching up on or revisiting my past posts.

I will be back in blogger mode as soon as I can, and I’m really looking forward to catching up on all the latest news in the blogosphere. I just wanted to pop in and say hello and tell you that I miss you, I cherish you, and I’ll be back!!

P.S. If you’re vaguely interested in some of the audio projects that have been keeping me so busy, visit my “Available at Amazon” page. It’s being frequently updated as more audiobooks hit retail, and contains links in case you have a hankering to pick up some audio erotica, sex-manuals, sizzling romances or….cookbooks(?!) while you’re there.

14 thoughts on “I Miss You So Frickin’ Much

  1. I have been missing you, my dear friend! But I know how busy you are and working hard at all your projects. I am just being selfish because I don’t want to have to share you. But your talents are needed by others too, so I am trying to be cool about it. I need your gravity again! With huge love from your forever moon! β€πŸ’‹β€

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      1. You’re very welcome Jupiter, take good care and looking forward to seeing more of you! (the blog that is)…All the best!

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      1. Mmm, there you go, lovely Jupiter. With extra sweetener… πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Now tell me, have you come back? How is your beautiful sexy voice holding up with all that work?

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      2. Aww, thank you so much. I needed that hug!

        This is just a fleeting visit for the moment while I’m taking a much needed 48 hours off! But although I’m booked up through a lot of July, I’m a little less rammed and hoping to be back more often (and to catch up on Eve’s goings-on, as well as your gorgeous poetic ‘kisses’, all of which I have flagged to read). Thank you for the lovely, sweet hug xx

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