Reveal Or Conceal? A Poem

To reveal?

Or to conceal?

Which will it be

In order to heal?


Little voice,

Is it your choice

To open your mouth

Seeking equipoise?


Or societal pressure

To expose the pressure

You feel. A fear

You cannot measure.


Losing control

In a deep, dark hole

The monster lurks

Inside your soul.


Do you dare

Today to share?

Your insides out

Your terrors bared

To faceless strangers

You feel the danger

As you contemplate

The big game-changer;

And admit defeat

To try unseat

The spectres swirling

‘Round your feet

And in your head

That want you dead.

And call out loud

For help instead.


I’m not a poetic wordsmith. My poetry is imperfect at best, but there are times when the best way to clear my own head and process some shit is through playing with rhymes….

Artwork: “Help Me” by KlarEm. Click picture to visit original source website

9 thoughts on “Reveal Or Conceal? A Poem

  1. This rhyme scheme has a lovely flow, but it is also tricky to write to. You have done a fabulous job here. The line brevity almost lulls the reader into a mesmerizing chant much like the thoughts that pound the drumbeat to a harried and hurting mind. Beautifully told! ๐Ÿ–ค

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