“Go Find Something to Eradicate These Thoughts” – FebPhotoFest 2020: Day 10

Anxiety’s grip is always waiting to take me,

It sits in my stomach, I fear it’s starting to shape me

It’s hard to live when you’re scared to die….

Cause nothing heals misery’s fist,

No witch’s pill, no lover’s kiss.

If life is easy then what is this?

“Soapy Water” by Wolf Alice

I’ve been trying to get back into daily meditation to quell my anxious thoughts, which have been in overdrive lately. Part of my meditation practice is chanting a mantra, for which I use this string of 108 beads, or japamala, to keep track of my recitations (108 being a sacred number in Hinduism and Buddhism).

16 thoughts on ““Go Find Something to Eradicate These Thoughts” – FebPhotoFest 2020: Day 10

  1. I feel your pain. My anxiety is mostly controlled with good meds. (Welbutrin) but my anger and stress issues on top of depression and anxiety are partially controlled with daily meditation. My Ginger Mischief and I started meditating with the diet (being the lifestyle for eating, and managing our fuel, it is a life change and I am using diet in the traditional what I eat meaning, not a fad) suggested focused meditation and we have been doing a daily 10 practice for dtwo months. I am calmer at work most days, and I have more patience with the kids, but I need to add a mid day practice to center and help find my calm as the day starts to get away from me.
    Be well.

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    1. I’m glad you’re finding it helps. I’m fascinated about the diet aspect: if it’s not too intrusive to ask, is there a particular diet especially for reducing anxiety and depression, or is it the case of including/ removing certain foods? I’m open to trying anything nowadays!

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      1. I’m finding that removing sugar and flour from my diet helps immensely. It is not particularly designed around anxiety and depression but it seems to have an effect.
        And if you haven’t guessed I will answer just about anything. If not I will let you know.
        I have an opinion about everything and will share if asked, usually. I’m not shy.

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  2. I don’t just love sugar I am an addict. My favorite forms are pastries and ice cream. I live in Wisconsin where frozen custard (creamier and richer than ice cream and made with incredible flavors) and bakeries are not just business but tradition.

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