Sins of the Flesh- Sinful Sunday / FebPhotoFest 2020 Day 2

Sometimes our bodies sin against us. They succumb to illness, they grow things that shouldn’t be there.

I am currently sporting some rather fetching bruises on my skin, due to my veins refusing to come out to play when I required medical treatment and needed to be cannulated. (I’m okay, btw, it’s only minor!)

These marks may not have been won through kinky sex, but I do find them quite beautiful and sensual in their own way. The colour against my soft, pale flesh makes me think of finger marks left by a lover. The imagery of my skin being pierced reminds me of penetration and insertion, something being introduced inside my body.

Perhaps this is a tenuous link to make, but I do find myself enjoying and admiring these marks, nonetheless.

So, I didn’t get off to a very illustrious start to February PhotoFest 2020, having missed Day 1. Oh dear…. But all hope is not lost, here on Day 2. I’m hoping I can meet the challenge!!

One word: flesh

23 thoughts on “Sins of the Flesh- Sinful Sunday / FebPhotoFest 2020 Day 2

  1. bruises always feel a bit hopeful to me because they are predictable, we know how they change and fade, that they are only temporary. beautiful and winsome, thanks for sharing.

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