Imagination Stimulation

The evening is cold, and the thought of getting naked sends a shiver through me that is only around 70% due to my arousal. I have been thinking about you all day and the hunger has been building. How I love that slow, sensual rise of wanting that fills me whenever I think about you. Inevitably, my more mundane thoughts, such as the memory of us laughing over coffee or cooking spaghetti bolognese together in my kitchen, turn into recollections of your hands surrounding my hips as you pulled me against your groin and kissed the nape of my neck as you ground your hardening cock against my bottom.

Once this train of thought fires up its engines, its trajectory becomes inevitable, and I know that I will either need to be fucked by you or to touch myself while imagining you.

And, unfortunately, you’re not available for fucking today.

I fire up the heating to get the bedroom warm and start pulling off my clothes. In the bedroom, I open up the toy box to select some favourites. I choose from the toys you’ve used on me before– yes, I can replay some very sexy memories with these — and with lube at the ready and our favourite sexy playlist purring sensual tunes, I lay back on the bed.

I can almost picture you, hovering on your hands and knees over me, as I settle back and let my legs fall open. I recall what it feels like to have you nestling between them, the brush of your body against the soft skin on the inside of my thighs as you look at me like I’m a mouth-watering meal that you can’t wait to devour, though you’ll take some time to come up with your plan of attack first.

I close my eyes and brush my fingers over my nipples, trying to touch and pinch them just the way you do; running slow circles over the peaks with your thumb, pulling at them with your fingers, rolling them, kneading my whole breast gently before grasping my nipple in a brisk and firm pinch just so you can hear me gasp. Though I can’t quite achieve the same effects as you do – there is no surprise factor when I do it myself – my peaks tingle and my pussy starts to ache and crave.

You always kiss me and play with my breasts, caressing my belly, my bottom, my legs before you zero in on my cunt. By the time you lower your hand and start to stroke my nether lips, I’m always perfectly wet and bubbling from the way you tease and toy with me. But today I’m at a disadvantage, only having my imagination to achieve these same effects. On the upside, though, I don’t have to wait, aching and desperate for your teasing fingers to find me. And so, I allow my hand to drift down and slide up and down my slit, savouring the sensation of the rising slick on my digits and the tickling of my increasingly unkempt bush (I must remember to wax before the next time we’re together, I think to myself).

With one hand on my breast, drawing my erect nipple between my fingers, and the other hand on my cunt, running up and down my labia and feeling the wet heat emanating from my sex, I picture your cock jutting out the way it does at a slight angle, bobbing and twitching and craving to slip inside me, and I moan. I adore your prick, whether hard and ready for action, or soft and resting against your thigh. Your cock is like warm velvet, and I love the way it feels in my hand, against my lips. I imagine you kneeling beside my head and running your dripping crown over my mouth and chin while I yearn for the moment you slide inside my mouth and I get to feel your hot, pulsing plushness on my tongue. Damn, this is something I can’t even attempt to replicate on my own….

I take our favourite little wand and press it against my mound, remembering the time you knelt beside me with your cock in my mouth, simultaneously wielding the wand with your right hand and wrenching orgasm after orgasm out of me until I practically screamed. I had tried to keep up my cock worship throughout, slurping hungrily as I looked up at you with damp eyes, but you’d showed me no mercy, no matter how I bucked and writhed and howled, taking sadistic pleasure in holding the head of the wand hard against my clit as I shuddered and shook.

I let the head of the wand slip into my slit, enjoying the wonderful buzz against the mouth of my cunt, then reach for the glass dildo — another of your weapons of choice. Bringing the wand back up to rub my humming clit, I slip the cold glass into my pussy and moan loudly as its curves and angles caress my walls.

I remember the time you asked me to use this dildo on myself while you watched, recall the heavy lust in your eyes as I slowly slid the slippery glass up and down my labia, rubbing its tip over my clitoris, occasionally letting it slip into my cunt before emerging wet and slicked with cream. You licked your lips, I remember, and I’m pretty sure it was an unconscious reaction on your part. I like to think that you were imagining my taste, thinking about pulling the dildo away and replacing it with your hungry, questing tongue.

As I push the dildo in deeper and begin to thrust it rhythmically, I remember another time when you positioned me with my legs wide open, pressed your left hand on my mound to pull my prepuce up and reveal my bare clit, and fucked me vigorously with this dildo. You were merciless, I recall. You wouldn’t touch my clit, though you knew how badly I wanted you to. I’d never come without any clit contact before, but the way you made the smooth, slippery head of the dildo hit that magic spot inside me again and again, and the feeling of my clit exposed to the air and to your lascivious gaze turned me on so much that when I exploded in a shrieking rush of hot pleasure, we were both taken by surprise, and broke into synchronous laughter followed by joyous kisses.

This is another thing I miss, that I can’t replicate on my own; the laughter, the spontaneity, the kisses, the loving touches.

My own hand speeds up, and I briskly fuck myself with the dildo, the wand vibrating just above my clit and making it throb. I need to come, I don’t want to edge and make it last. I just want the release. I imagine that you are here right now watching me, and I moan as I let the wand press directly onto my clit while I target my g-spot with the dildo. When I come, my eyes squeezed shut and my teeth biting hard into my lower lip, I imagine your voice, murmuring “Good girl” that way you do, and pretend that I can feel your breath against my face as you slide your rigid prick inside my quaking cunt and command, “Again.”

And so, I continue to thrust and rub, making myself come again and again whilst imagining you urging me on, watching intently with that wickedly sadistic smile, a beautiful blend of lust and laughter, as my body shakes again and again in multi-orgasmic bliss. When I finally tire myself out, I curl up under the duvet and imagine your legs intertwined with mine, the sound of your breath slowing down as you drift off to sleep. My phone suddenly pings and I reach over to check who’s just texted me. I smile when I see your message.

Miss me?

My God, what are you, psychic?

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13 thoughts on “Imagination Stimulation

  1. Hot stuff! To think all that lovely indulgence was triggered by a memory of spaghetti bolognese – the very foodstuff I was writing about this weekend… it’s the Italian in all of us trying to get out!

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  2. The best thing about buying your audio book is that now everything I read of yours I hear in your breathy, sultry voice in my head. How crazy is that? The delicious details are delivered with your amazing and unique quality of emotional conveyance. Well written Ms. G!

    Liked by 2 people

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