“What’s the Buzz?” Sex-Toy Review: The Magic Bunny from Satisfyer

I always enjoy playing with a Satisfyer toy. I’ve been so impressed by all the toys I’ve been lucky enough to try out from this company that I feel utmost confidence that when the Satisfyer toys come out to play, I’m going to be in for a lot of fun and pleasurable times.

When I saw the Magic Bunny in its box, looking very cute but very simple and basic, I found myself shrugging a little. How could this little number really satisfy me, spoiled as I have been with some very fancy, elaborate and sizeable toys recently. The Magic Bunny, I thought, looks like a beginners sex-toy, and I’m by no means a novice when it comes to vibrators.

I needn’t have worried.

Of course, I should have known better than to doubt the effectiveness of a Satisfyer toy. For while the Magic Bunny is undoubtedly a fantastic toy for beginners, with its simple and relatively modest size, there’s such enjoyment to be had even for seasoned vibers!

The Vital Statistics

The Magic Bunny is a very cute looking vibrator. Many rabbit vibes are rather large and can look a little intimidating sometimes, but this bunny is sweet and dainty, with soft curves and Satisfyer’s very nifty ring handle.

It’s 7″ in length, and fits nicely in the hand, and rather than having the usual rabbit-ears, the Magic Bunny’s “appendage” is a solid nub that reminds me a lot of a thumb. Very nice…

With silicone flex technology, it’s a top quality product that feels lovely, is body safe, waterproof, and easy to clean. As dainty as it is, the Magic Bunny contains two powerful motors, in the shaft and the clit-stim, and 12 different programs (six patterns, six intensity levels). But for all the power of those USB-chargeable motors, it’s remarkably quiet. And with a lovely tapered curve at the tip of the shaft, it’s got some major points for g-spot compatibility!!

Play Time With My Little Bunny

Given my initial – well, not reticence, – but doubt about just how fulfilling this cute little bunny would be, I was immediately shocked by the power (as Kylie Minogue once sang) of the Magic Bunny. The phrase “it’s not about the size but what you do with it” is perfect in this instance, and I’m rather disappointed in myself for having been so ready to dismiss this toy. There’s a lesson in this for me, not to let my propensity towards being a girth-freak to colour my attitudes to smaller but equally power-packed wonders!

What I found particularly appealing about the Magic Bunny was that, with the size of the shaft being the particular length it is, being penetrated felt just like being fingered. And with the tapered tip being in just the perfect position for my g-spot, the Magic Bunny reminded me of being penetrated by skilled fingers whilst having my clit simultaneously stimulated with the thumb of the other hand or by a frantically flickering tongue. And with each sublime blended orgasm that the Magic Bunny evoked in me, I found myself marvelling at this gorgeous little vibe and just how much pleasure it can give.

For me, the Magic Bunny is the perfect dimensions for wonderfully pleasing blended clitoral and g-spot orgasms. Though it’s length is not enough to replicate a deep thrusting from a rampant lover, it is ideal for achieving some sensual and slow pleasure reminiscent of very skilled fingers, and a focused and concentrated penetration experience that’s about finesse rather than ferocity.

The Satisfyer Magic Bunny retails at $49.95 USD from Satisfyer USA / £44.95 GBP from Satisfyer UK, and is an ideal toy for beginners and experienced vibe users alike. Very highly recommended.

I would like to thank the fabulous Sally from Satisfyer for sending me a treasure trove of beautiful toys to try out. Whilst I received the Magic Bunny for free in exchange for a review, this has not influenced my opinion in any way. I have not received any payment for this review, and I do not receive any commission should you choose to purchase this toy via either of the links above.

All images © Jupiter Grant

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