SoSS #24- Some of the Fab Content I’ve Caught This Week

I’ve enjoyed catching up on some posts, past and previous, this week. As it’s Saturday, and time to share, here’s some posts that particularly captured my attention….

Drusilla Queen of Vampires Chapter 8- This is War by Deviant Succubus. I love Deevie’s Drusilla series. In this installment, some faces from Drusilla’s past bring ugly mayhem to the brothel. If you aren’t already following the series, you need to be! Visit Chapter 1- Creation to catch up on the story.

My Lullaby by Brad Osborne. Touchingly romantic, masterful poetry. And, also from Brad, this awesome, brilliant and clever poem, Life in Contradiction.

Illusion by Kisungura. Eye-catching, creative, magical and beguiling. Kis’ images are always so amazing, and this is spectacular.

Shadow Truths by Molly Moore. A beautiful soft image to accompany fiercely powerful words. And also from Molly, I have to add The Mark of Pain. The way that Molly discusses marking, impact and pain play has made me positively crave…..

Dreams Come True by Ria Restrepo. A hot musician, masturbation, and fluid on skin. This story is so, so sexy!!

Delicate and Tough by Annie Savoy. Exquisite play of light and shadow in this beautiful image.

A Way Home by Paul Vincent Cannon. Eerie and touching.

Making You Wait by Violet Grey. Is there anything hotter than making your partner watch and wait? Seeing the desperate lust in their eyes? Violet captures this so lusciously in this steamy erotica.

Ostia Ports- Sparrows (Part 2) by Flavia Vinci. Flavia’s photos from all over the world are such a delight, and this series of shots featuring a cute little bird are so lovely!

Some of my own posts this week

I celebrated the first birthday of Violet Fawkes’ fantastic Lingerie is for Everyone meme;

I wrote a based-on real life story about some sexy distraction during some very dull sports coverage for Masturbation Monday;

I reviewed this fantastic sex-toy;

And I thought about “Home” and what it means to me for Food for Thought

This week, I have also published a short, non-erotica story on amazon, called The Ninth Night. It’s about death, loss, the realm beyond, and saying goodbye and is loosely based on a real experience.

I have enjoyed some great success with the sales of the audiobook version of “A Horny Halloween: Six Smutty Stories for the Samhain Season”. Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy. You can get it from Audible here USA / UK

Happy weekend, everyone 💋💋💋

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