SoSS #23- The mini- Catch-up SoSS!!

Oh my goodness, it must seem as though I have dropped off the end of the Earth! (It has occasionally felt that way!) I am still breathing, though, just slogging away at numerous audiobook projects, and immersed in various stories, characters and audio production software!! I’m looking forward to getting a bit more time this weekend to do some blogging. I have been working on a little New Year gift for you, which I plan to post tomorrow (Saturday), and to get around to writing up my review for a fantastic sex-toy that I’ve been enjoying (and how!) during my downtime. 😌

I haven’t been completely AWOL from the blogg-iverse, and have managed to pop by a few sites and memes over the Christmas/ New Year period, and thought that I’d share a few posts that particularly captured my attention.

Happy 2020, everyone. May the coming year bring you health, wealth and happiness.

Love, Jupiter x 💋


Where You Wanted to Be by justme62. I could definitely relate to this poem about being stepped on!

Festive View by Molly Moore. A saucy Christmas image and a fantastically, err, cheeky poem!

Silenced Lips by Jay-lyn Doerksen. I found this viscerally sexy!


Décolleté by Contessa Mercedes. Absolutely beautiful décolleté.

Sanctuary by Considering Cuntella. Lovely rope work, and a a real sense of serenity.

Impulse Control by Knkstriped. Fascinating and eye-catching!

Sparkly Butt by Marie Rebelle. Simple, and sexy.

Tartan by MLSlavePuppet. Peekaboo! 👄 🔥

Enfolded in Light by Deviant Succubus. Deevie is always so photogenic, and she looks absolutely stunning here in a sparkly Christmas setting. And I also absolutely HAVE to mention Good Girl for this week’s Sinful Sunday. Merry Christmas, indeed!!

Decorations by Discovering Kink. Raven and Annabel share a wonderfully Christmassy image.

Dream Candy from Life of Elliott. The beautiful Dreamcatcher looks so alluring with her vivid red hair and strategically placed candy canes. I wouldn’t be disappointed to find Dreamcatcher under my tree this Christmas!!

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