What’s the Buzz?: Sex-Toy Reviews – The Power Flower from Satisfyer

As regular visitors to the Lair are no doubt aware, I’ve been AWOL from the blog for a couple of weeks, due to illness, new job opportunities and some tight work deadlines. But when I wrapped up one of my projects and felt a little breathing space for a minute, I found myself drawn to my awaiting sex-toy play box. Hmm, what should I try next?, I wondered. What a happy position in which to find oneself! The kid in a candy store metaphor springs to mind.

One of the first sex toy reviews I encountered when I started becoming acquainted with the world of sex-blogging, was for Satisfyer’s “Power Flower”, and I’d wanted to try one ever since. So when I remembered that the lovely Sally from Satisfyer had included a Power Flower box of goodies she’d sent me, I didn’t have to muse too long over what toy I was going to employ to wind down from my various stresses….

Vital Statistics

The Satisfyer Power Flower is a stimulating toy- quite literally. Like a lovely little tulip flower (only exceedingly more power-packed, no offence to tulips which are, of course, beautiful!), it features a little collection of petals atop its sturdy frame. These petals flutter and flicker delightfully, and can be used on nipples, clits, vaginal and anal openings- anywhere that you crave some vibrational thrumming! The Power Flower has 12 different programme modes, ranging from slow and so, so teasing, up to hyper-flutter, with different rates of motion and vibration patterns. There really is a lot to savour.

Discretely packaged, hygiene-sealed and neatly presented like all Satisfyer toys, the Power Flower is made of Silicone Flex material, USB chargeable via magnetic ports, waterproof, and whisper quiet. And it is, indeed quiet: this is not just marketing talk on the side of a box, Satisfyer live up to their claim of a discrete volume. What will wake the neighbours is not the sound of your toy, but the sounds of your pleasure.

The Power Flower measures 7.4 inches (that’s 18.8 cms), and like all the Satisfyer products I’ve enjoyed so far, it has a rounded handle. I love this feature, as it makes Satisfyer toys so much easier to wield, and to keep them in position right where you need them to be in any given moment.

Charging time is approximately 3.5 hours, for a 50 minute session of fun flutters. I couldn’t wait to start!

Clitoral Fun and Break-Time Games with the Power Flower

I was in a sexy mood, but I wasn’t in the market for a leisurely session on the first day I tried the Power Flower. It feels a little sad to say, but I was really only looking for a quick bit of enjoyment during a gap between working. A masturbatory lunch-break, or “a Power Lunch”, if you will. Well, it could have been a mere coffee-break length sojourn into sexy, because the Power Flower had me coming within five minutes. I kid you not, the feeling of the Power Flower’s petals against my own was sublime. That familiar warm and squirmy feeling I get from having my clitoris stimulated in just the right spot and with the perfect speed and pressure? Oh my goodness, was it there in spades, and from the immediate get-go! I came once, hard, with a deliciously enjoyable clitoral orgasm. No penetration was involved, and yet I felt sated and fulfilled. And so, grinning and happy, I put the Power Flower back to bed in preparation for a longer session when time allowed.

Getting Some Power in my Flower: The Extended Director’s Cut, or Long-Play Hardcore Remix Version

So I was working over the weekend with a deadline from Hell, and had spent three and a half days glued to the computer. When it was done, I crawled into bed to be embraced by the Sandman for a few hours. When I awoke the next morning, where I’d expected to feel exhausted and practically comatose, I found myself surprisingly rejuvenated. And madly horny. After tackling, albeit very distractedly, a bit of work for a few hours, it was time to play the extended club remix version of my sexy time shenanigans with the Satisfyer Power Flower.

There’s one phrase in particular that immediately springs to mind when I think about how to convey to you what happened over the next couple of hours. (Yes, hours!) That phrase? “Oh my fucking god, yes!”

I let the Power Flower tickle at my nipples first. That was okay, but I prefer suction, pinches and teeth grazing on those, so although it was by no means unpleasant, the Power Flower petals on my nipples didn’t really do much for me. However, once those petals traversed down, down, down to Clit Town (population: 1 engorged nub and thousands of nerve endings), it was so on!

It started with a couple of lovely, squishy clit orgasms. I then added some vaginal penetration to the mix, with a Goldilocks-sized vibrating dildo (not too big, not too small, but just right). While one hand manoeuvred the dildo in and out, concentrating its head at my g-zone, the other used the Power Flower to play against my clitoris. Oh, it was heavenly bliss!! No sooner would one orgasmic wave pass, than I would shift the Power Flower petals ever so slightly against a different micro-millimetre of clitoris flesh, and a new orgasm would crash over me; quickly, easily, with little in the way of any brisk or vigorous work on my part. It was like lying back with a lover while they wring climax after climax out of you, leaving you a howling, contorting and shrieking mess of sweat and fluids.

I lost count of how many orgasms I achieved during this Power Flower extended play session. I could have kept going for even longer, but all that coming had worked up an appetite in me- for food this time!- and so I decided to call the session to a close, jump in a hot shower, and order some Chinese food. In many ways it was a perfect afternoon, spent with just my own body and the Satisfyer Power Flower.

The Verdict

Well, I don’t think you’ll be surprised to learn that I am in absolutely-enthralled love with the Satisfyer Power Flower. It’s charging up again as we speak, and I’m counting down the time ’til I can take another couple of hours for my next stimulating, satisfying and sublime session with this power-packed wonder. And I can’t wait to let my sexy play partner get involved; the thought of H’s eyes burning with lust, then lighting up with laughter as I writhe and moan and come on repeat, makes me feel- well, it makes me feel like I urgently need to go check whether the Power Flower has finished re-charging now. So if you’ll excuse me…..

The Satisfyer Power Flower is available from Satisfyer UK or Satisfyer US, and retails for £44.95 GBP/ $64.95 USD. Click the relevant country’s link to head straight to the Power Flower page. I think you’ll be glad you did!

I would like to thank the fabulous Sally from Satisfyer for sending me a treasure trove of beautiful toys to try out. Whilst I received the Power Flower for free in exchange for a review, this has not influenced my opinion in any way. I have not received any payment for this review, and I do not receive any commission should you choose to purchase this toy via either of the links above.

All images © Jupiter Grant

6 thoughts on “What’s the Buzz?: Sex-Toy Reviews – The Power Flower from Satisfyer

  1. These are always such great reviews. What a benefit to others that you honestly share the good and bad of these products. You have saved a lot of people from the disappointment of buying on the hopes it does what you want. Kudos! ❤💋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Brad. I have had bad experiences when buying toys in the past, so I do try to share the good points as well as the not so good. But, fortunately, with this one, it was all good! Oh so very good!! 👄

      Liked by 1 person

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