SoSS #22- 23/11/2019

Argh! I’m later than usual with this week’s SoSS. Though the week began at a leisurely pace, it ended in overdrive, and it has been a hectic few days.

But, fortunately, I build my SoSS throughout the week. So I still have some fantastic goodies to share for your reading pleasure.

Happy weekend and happy reading,

Love, Jupiter x


Letters and Lonely Hearts by May More. A dark and foreboding tale, recited wonderfully by May and with added mood-setting production from Mr More. I really enjoyed this.

The Bodyguard by Asrai Devin. Not a Kevin Costner nor a Richard Madden in sight! Instead, it’s Tucker as the security detail for Vanessa, and she needs some disciplining. Unfff…

Holiday Stress and Polyamory by Polyammering. Holidays can be tough times when you’re in a polycule, a non-nesting partner, or have to share your lover with another. This article addresses the difficulties that come up around this time of the year for poly-folk.


Burning Desire by Mona Soorma. I love the sensual simplicity of this piece.

When You Dance by Frank Solanki. Such a loving and tender sentiment.

Hold This For a While by Fiery. We all need someone to help us bear the weight sometimes…

Blame It On The Wine by Brad Osborne. Seduction oozes out of every word of this fantastic poem.

Tempt Me, Tease Me by xxxYourHolly. Unfff, unfff, unfff.


A Date With a Glass Dildo from Molly Moore. A wonderful photo, and a super sexy fantasy.

Resting from Kilted Wookie. This is such an inviting picture of a penis at rest. The textures and sensual curves are so beautiful ๐Ÿ’–

Vue Arriรจre from Contessa Mercedes. Lovely soft focus, beautiful curves, and sultry fishnet.

My Own Posts This Week

I was dirty on Sinful Sunday;

I indulged my love of skilled digits in Virtuoso Fingers for Masturbation Monday;

And I imagined drawing down the power of the Feminine Sexual Principle in The Ceremony on Wicked Wednesday.

It’s been a quiet week blog-wise, for which I feel a little guilty, but in other areas, some new opportunities have arisen that I’m very excited about and am working hard on bringing to fruition (“hard on”, lol **sniggers**). I can’t wait to share them, but am going to tease you for the time being.

And, some news regarding my Patreon page; I have swapped the contents of the tiers so that weekly audio of my “Sexy Story Time” recordings is now available at Tier 2 ($5 p/month) rather than the more expensive Tier 3. So if you would like to listen to audio readings of erotica, you can join “Whisper Sweet Nothings” at the Tier 2 rate! And every week, I will purr some sensual tales into your ears…….


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