Virtuoso Fingers

With a wickedly sexy smile, you lift your hand to my mouth and brush my lips gently, before slipping two fingers between them and whispering, “Suck, darling. Make them nice and wet.”

Obediently, I draw your digits into my warm mouth, running my tongue over your skin, coating your fingers in my saliva. You fix me with a look of hot lust, your eyelids heavy and your pupils dilating, and I feel the thumping throb of desire between my legs.

When you’re satisfied that I’ve wet your fingers enough, you slowly withdraw your hand and move it down between my legs. My naked cunt is already beginning to quake and pulse. With a sensual purring sound, you place one finger on either side of my damp slit, and stroke my lightly-furred labia with your spit-slicked digits. My nipples harden like rocks, and I moan thickly as you lower your head to my right breast and pop the taut peak into your mouth with a hungry growl.

Your tongue circles my nipple slowly, torturously, and I arch my back to lift myself closer to your mouth. I feel the teasing graze of your teeth, and it makes my cunt drip. You know exactly what I like, exactly how to pleasure my sensitive nipples. You know that they are a direct line to my clit, and that every sensation you elicit from them seems to automatically travel to my pearl, making it swell, flushed and slippery, between the oyster-shell of my prepuce.

While my nipples tingle and harden in your mouth, your fingers continue their up and down sweeping motion on my pussy lips. You tease me expertly, avoiding slipping into the warm folds between my labia, even although I know that you must feel the wet heat radiating from my pulsing crevasse. You want me soaking, throbbing, moaning and pleading. You want to hear me begging, don’t you?

I close my eyes and sigh as you lift your head from my right breast and move to the left. Oh God, you know damn well that my left nipple is even more sensitive than the right. You take advantage of this fact by swirling rapid circles around and around my pimpling areola with your skillful tongue, then flicking rapidly over the tightly peaked nipple. It’s almost as though your every oral caress is being replicated on my clit, a deliriously heady dual stimulation that makes me whimper.

Still, your fingers strum up and down the length of my labia, refusing to dip inside my bubbling cavern until I ask you, beg you, to finger me.

I love the way your early morning stubble grazes against the soft skin of my breast. I slide my fingers into your messy greying hair and caress your scalp. The sensation makes you purr loudly. Hmmm, see? I have my own secret knowledge, too. I know the things that you like, the little, seemingly inconsequential tricks that push your buttons and make you moan and plead for more. Just as I intended, your hips surge forward slightly, and I feel the swelling steel of your erection against my thigh.

You flick my nipple harder, faster, and I groan your name. My cunt is growing desperate, thrumming and tingling and contracting, urgently seeking something to fill her, something that she can close her drooling mouth around, and suck. Dammit, you win.

“Please. Please, baby,” I mutter, my voice shaking. “Finger me.”

Though you enjoy teasing me, you always show me mercy once I relent and ask nicely. Thus, you slide your middle finger those few millimetres to the side and slowly slip it into my grateful hole. It’s joined almost immediately by your forefinger. Your two digits penetrate and plunge into my pounding pussy, briskly. You’re stoking my fire, thrusting your hand against my sex. Your thumb slips and slides its way through my fleshy folds to find my clit, which you flick and flutter while I shudder and spasm.

Oh my God, you are so fucking good at this.

You draw my left nipple deep into your mouth, taking the entire areola and as much skin as you can manage, and suck hard, hard, hard. With your fingers inside me, your thumb on my clit and your mouth forming a firm, deliciously painful vaccuum around my breast, I buck my hips and surrender to the soaring orgasmic pleasure that takes over my entire body. I hold my breath as I tumble, and let you play me like an instrument while I sing and squeal like a vibrating violin string: my talented Maestro with the virtuoso fingers.

I howl and holler, tightening my grip on your soft, silvery hair, crying out your name. I can feel my cunt exploding in gushing spurts of liquid, baptising your hand with the essential oils of my deepest, most intimate places. I savour the lusciously filthy image of your fingers being doused and annointed by my wet, hot pleasure. The thought makes another strong climactic surge erupt and sweep through me, and I practically weep as I hear the moist, squelchy sounds your fingers elicit from deep inside my bubbling cunt.

Your thumb keeps up the pleasing pressure on my clit, and my whole pussy twitches. With a sudden, final shriek, my entire body arches, practically rising right off the mattress like an orgasmic Linda Blair, and I shout out your name like a divine prayer. You know what I need now; every good musician knows his instrument inside and out. You pull your fingers out of me, still your teasing thumb, and gently but firmly cup my pussy inside your warm hand. Your palm cradles my cunt, as you play the last vibrato note and let its resonance throb in the air around us both.

Your mouth releases my breast, your hard suction turning to soft, adoring kisses.

“Beautiful,” you murmur against my warm, damp skin. “Absolutely beautiful.”

It will take me several minutes to respond. My breathing is rapid and my heart is pounding like a jackhammer. You know this, of course. You know every note of this score, and your head now rests against my chest, listening as the percussive sound tapers out into this final, perfect refrain of your adept performance.

I actually had a different story planned for this week’s Masturbation Monday. It was a sexy corporal punishment and femdomme tale called (rather ironically, as it turns out) “Best Laid Plans”. But this fingering scene barged into my brain and wouldn’t release its grip until it’d had its wicked way with me. So apologies if you were in the mood for some BDSM: the Fem-dommy arse thrashing will be coming (ahem) at a later date.

But I dare say that if you click the icon below, you will find some whips, or floggers, or crops, or handcuffs to satisfy your sexy BDSM desires. I know for sure that you will find plenty of hot erotica to make your knickers wet….

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20 thoughts on “Virtuoso Fingers

  1. Yowza – now I want a scene like that! Deliciously told and very emotive!

    “With a sudden, final shriek, my entire body arches, practically rising right off the mattress like an orgasmic Linda Blair,” so visual, and really describes how ‘posessed’ one can feel near the climactic moment xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was very hot – so evocative and sensual! Your words felt almost overwhelming (in a really good way!) as you described the fingering.

    Liked by 1 person

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