Audio Erotica: Crimson Peek

I am delighted to share with you an audio recording of my erotic fiction, Crimson Peek. This was my very first Masturbation Monday submission, and was written very early on in my sex-blogging journey (within the first couple of days of starting the site, in fact!)

I’m dedicating this audio recording to @RudyAlleyne, my very first Patron. I am so grateful to Rudy for his support and patronage. Rudy interviewed me for his site, The Bastion of Solace, and you can read our chat here. Rudy writes fantasy and science fiction, and has recently been branching out into erotica. Do follow him on Twitter, and check out his website.

Thank you Rudy 😘. I hope that you, and everyone listening will enjoy this audio erotica.

If you would like some more erotic audio to get your pulse racing this weekend, head over to my Patreon page and join the “Whisper Sweet Nothings” group. As well as steamy audio erotica (Vivid and Hostile Takeover are available now, and more audios are being added each week) , you’ll get photographs and behind the scenes pics, glimpses of works in progress, and shout outs and dedications.

In the meantime, enjoy this erotic reading of Crimson Peek.

Love, Jupiter x 💋

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