SoSS #19- 2/11/2019

Welcome to the weekend. I hope you all had a lovely Halloween. I made sure I had plenty of supplies ready for the Trick or Treaters, but no one came by! I live in an apartment block, so I wasn’t exactly expecting a huge rush, but some of the kids in the building used to come by. Perhaps I have a reputation as the grumpy witch of the building πŸ˜‰ Anyway, as a result, I have a great big bag of Haribo sweets. Whatever shall I do? 😜 Sit stuffing my face full of Tangfastics and Starmix while I spend the evening reading, that’s what! I guess that is a good way to send off the ill-health that’s laid me low this week.

If you’ve got some left over Halloween candy, why not do as I’m doing and polish them off while you enjoy some quality content? Here’s some of the posts that I’ve especially enjoyed this week.

Happy November, Happy Weekend, and Happy Reading!

Love, Jupiter x 🌺 πŸ’‹


Third Time’s the Charm by Kayla Lords. Very sexy, and very funny at the same time. There’s a lot to identify with here!

Can’t Tell You by May More. I found this scenario very enticing indeed!

The Demon Box from Furcissy. A heartfelt and difficult post about depression and the darkness inside.

A Whipping by Hot Bottoms. A story from a couple of years ago, but a new and pleasurable discovery for me. This three part tale is a thoroughly engrossing story of corporal punishment and sex. Loved it.

The Importance of Sensuality from The Secret World of Cydney. A great piece on sensuality beyond the sexual.

Giving Up the Ghost by Lascivious Lucy. If you haven’t already been following this serialised novel, get on board now. It’s intriguing and engrossing!! I’m loving it.

This is Me from Kayla Lords. Beautiful images, touching and (certainly for me) very relatable words, and an important message to


Mumblecore by Nancy Botta. This poem evokes for me the feeling of being stuck under the glare of judgemental eyes.

Breathless by Mona Soorma. Simple and sensual.

Don’t Stop Believing by Her Mourning Coffee. Hopeful and beautiful.

All Hallows Eve by SirHanz. A very sexy and very cleverly written poem about a kinky Halloween scene.

Silence- A Halloween Nightmare by Bartholomew Barker. Dark and foreboding Halloween fare.


Sometimes by Molly Moore. Wonderful words and a stunning image.

Tailcoat by Focused and Filthy. Classy, and very sexy.

Tied by Happy Come Lucky. A super-hot image of submission. Delicious.

Living Dead Girl by Deviant Succubus. Such an awesome image, like a scene from a fantastically dark movie.

The Artist With the Golden Paintbrush from Jennifer Jigour. Talented artist Jennifer Jigour talks 007 while decorated in stunning gold bodypaint.

My Own Posts This Week

I was inspired by Violet Fawkes’ amazing prompt image to write a creepy Halloween-inspired story, The Third Party, for Masturbation Monday.

I borrowed some clothes for White Light on Sinful Sunday.

I had a new fiction, Hunger, published on the VolontΓ© site.

And I wrote about Samhain and the Turning of the Wheel.

Halloween may be gone for another year, but you can still catch some sexy horror stories in A Horny Halloween: Six Smutty Stories for the Samhain Season is still available at amazon, and is free to read if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber.

14 thoughts on “SoSS #19- 2/11/2019

    1. You’re very welcome. I loved the delicious smuttiness of the scene πŸ‘„ And thank you for your appreciation of my SoSS’s. I really enjoy sharing content that people may have missed or creators that they may not be familiar with yet. It’s a pleasure. πŸ’–


    1. Oh, goodness me! **blushes**. Thank you so much, Brad. You are very kind. It is my pleasure to share the work of others. We are all creators together, and I think that having a creative community is important, as well as feeling that our work is appreciated and valued by our audience. Love, J xx


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