Gremlins in the Works

A big thank you to those who got in touch to alert me to the fact that comments were switched off on my Sinful Sunday post White Light. I don’t know how that happened, as I had absolutely no idea how one would go about switching off comments even if they had intended to do so. I have, though, now had a crash course in enabling comments, and they should be up and running now. Fingers crossed.

I guess the gremlins are out for Halloween. In more ways than one, too. Guys, I was so freaking ill last night, it was like something out of The Exorcist. Awful. And I’m feeling pretty icky today, so apologise if I appear to vanish and am a wee bit slower in visiting and commenting on your posts over the next couple of days. A demonic lurgi appears to be fighting for my soul!!

10 thoughts on “Gremlins in the Works

  1. Hmm. I just figured I wasn’t one of the people allowed to submit comments. There are several I follow whose posts I seem unable to make comments on.

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    1. No, no. I look forward to comments and all (except trolls and spammers, of course) are welcome. And I always look forward to reading your lovely kind comments 💋. I have no idea why the comments section on that post went awry.

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      1. I have trouble commenting on some I follow. I can see other people’s comments, but can’t seem able to leave any myself. And then there are others where I can comment sometimes but not other times… weird. I don’t try to second guess it. lol

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