SoSS #18- 25/10/2019

Another week has flown by. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m tired and feeling a bit blah as this week draws to a close, despite having started the week feeling inspired and full of big plans. Oh well, she said, procrastinating wildly, I’ll start afresh on Monday.

I’m thankful to all the fabulous bloggers who have kept me company during my week of malaise and ennui. Here are some of the posts that particularly drew me in….

Enjoy your reading, and have a wonderful weekend whatever you’re up to.

Love, Jupiter x 🌺 💋


The Project by Cousin Pons. I was completely drawn into this beautiful and poignant story. It’s atmospheric and tender, and so wonderfully written.

Skin Flute by Ten Ways to Touch. A sensual and erotically charged masturbation scene with deliciously descriptive detail.

You Want Me? You Can Have Me by Miss Violet Grey. Unnff, a sexy scene that pushes all my lusty buttons!

Peter’s Story by Peter. Guest blogging on Bibulous One’s blog, Peter recounts his process of buying, preparing and worshipping his Mistress’ boots. This is such a captivating read, beautiful and very touching.

What Sex is REALLY Like, In My World by Mrs Fever. Hilarious and very, very relatable. I laughed my way through this honest and realistic look at sex and it’s awkward moments.

The Guest by Love is a Fetish. Nikki really knocked it out of the park this week with her lusciously smutty Masturbation Monday submission.

Amber’s Game by Erotic Writer. The sexy Amber taunts and teases a co-worker with her sensual powers of domination.

Destiny, Decisions, and Being a Devil from Floss. Sometimes someone writes something that hits right in the place where you live, and makes you realise something about yourself and your life. For me, at this moment in my life, this post is it. It is honest, and it contains profound sadness and loss, but there is also a sense of “what’s for you won’t go past you” that has left me with a feeling of affirmation. Unforgettable.


Don’t Let the World Bring You Down by J. Matthew Waters. A lovely poem about acquaintances and the passage of time.

Subservience by Brad Osborne. A guest post at Harley Unhinged’s blog, this poem is a fantastic ode to the power of the submissive.

Not So Nice, Am I? by Jay-lyn Doerksen. I love Jay-lyn’s poetry, and have really been enjoying these dark and fiery pieces she’s been sharing this month.

Blind by Megan O’Keeffe. Short, sweet and solemn, with a familiar sentiment at the centre of its broken heart ♥


Something Wicked by Kisungura. Absolutely brilliant: a perfect sexy Halloween image.

Confidence by Violet Fawkes. I love how sexy and assertive this image is, with the fierce pose, bold colours and gorgeous cleavage.

Silhouette of Desire by Ask Me Fast. Ohhhh, my word. This beautifully erotic image does things to me!

Iguazú Falls by Flavia Vinci. Stunning wildlife photography from a very talented photographer and avid traveller.

Enjoy tasteful female nudes? Visit InShootNude_2 for “la nudité sans vulgarité” from photostephi.

My Own Posts This Week

I’ve done way more reading than blogging this week, so it’s been a quiet week in the Lair.

I had a Sinful Sunday Moment With You, before telling you all about my fun with The Master (courtesy of Satisfyer sex-toys).

For Food for Thought, on the topic of The Road Not Taken, I wrote Sex and the Self-Defeating Girl, an admission of my regrets when it comes to sex.

Next Thursday is Halloween 🎃 Whhhoooo, ghost noises…..👻 What better time to read some smutty and spooky Halloween-inspired erotica? My collection of horror-otica, A Horny Halloween: Six Smutty Stories for the Samhain Season, is available on amazon now. If you’ve got Kindle Unlimited, you can even read it for free! You can also find me on Goodreads.

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  1. Oooo thank you Jupiter! Really pleased you liked my image and I appreciate the inclusion in another wonderful round up. A few I missed there, plus some new names, looking forward to checking them all out! xx

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