“What’s the Buzz?”Sex-Toy Review: I’m a Slave to the Master from Satisfyer Vibes

There’s a magic box in my bedroom at the moment, full of sex toy goodies with which to play. It’s always fun to have some new playthings in rotation, but often the classic and long-established favourites remain the go-tos.

Well, in the course of trying out the treasure trove of new Satisfyer gadgets in my magic box, I have happened upon my new favourite go-to toy, a meaty, girthy, perfectly proportioned Adonis known as “Master”. And I have become his slave.

Vital Statistics

The Master is made with silicone flex technology, has 12 vibration programs, and is waterproof. He’s USB chargeable, via magnetic ports on the handle. Charging time is 3.5 hours, for 50 minutes play time: not a great ratio, however, the power you get during those 50 minutes is well worth those 3+ hours.

The Master’s particular drawcard is in his size. This vibrator is an impressive 9.3″/ 23.5cms, with a girth of 1.85″/ 4.7 cms, so if you like to feel full, you will love the Master. And, it has a round handle, upon which the controls are located. This is a feature on many Satisfyer toys and something I absolutely adore, as it makes the toy easy to wield and control when things get slippery. And I have found that when the Master is involved, they do get very slippery!

The Master also has a lovely curve and a stylised glans which help with g-zone stimulation. Indeed, I found that the shape of this toy allowed me to achieve both g-spot and clitoral stimulation simultaneously with simply a bit of angled penetration. I can’t recall this ever being possible with other toys I’ve played with (except, of course, some rabbit-style vibes), and it has been a very appealing feature.

Given the size of the Master, and as I am by no means an anal-fiend, I personally won’t be inviting him over to play in my backyard, if you catch my drift. However, if you are a seasoned anal penetration fan, and if you use a lot of lube, I dare say you’d enjoy the delicious fullness as well as the deep, rumbling pleasure that the Master can deliver.

The Way You Make Me Feel

I lay back on the bed, a towel underneath me and my box of sensual sundries nearby: a variety of lubes, wet-wipes, and nipple suckers. I knew at first sight that the Master would fill me to the brim in a way that very few toys ever have. I made sure to coat him in liberal amounts of water-based lubricant, and slid him up and down my pussy for a while before insertion. I know from experience that where larger endowments are concerned, the best results are achieved through lots of wetness and delicious foreplay.

I scroll my way through the 12 vibration programs as I let the toy trail over my dampening flesh. The Master is powerful, and the deep thrumming and rumbling makes me arch in pleasure. I run a hand over my breast, teasing and pulling at my erect nipple. I’m so wet, and I want him, need him inside me. Now.

Slowly, I press the Master’s meaty glans between my labia and slide him inside my cleft. The stretch of my pussy around his girthy length feels delicious, and the sensation of his silicone shaft filling me, caressing my inner walls so completely, makes me moan and raise my hips impatiently.

Once he is fully seated inside me, I settle my fingers in the Master’s circular handle and begin to rock his length slowly in and out. I pull him out enough that his head is just inside my cunt, and let his vibrating length play over my clitoris. I can feel the wonderful fizzy tingling of my clitoral orgasm building. I push him deep inside me, with an upward motion, and feel the pulsing hum of sublime pleasure against every inch of my pussy, all the way up to the mouth of my cervix.

I maintain the rocking motion, stimulating myself both externally and internally with the Master’s slick, silky silicone skin and his pleasurable pulsations. Though I had initially planned on taking my time with this masturbatory test-drive, letting my arousal build slowly and delaying my orgasm for as long as possible, the Master made it impossible for me to edge myself. I couldnโ€™t resist the desire to give in to his talents.

The orgasms (yes, multiples, each as rich and wonderful as the last) were deep, and full-bodied. Full-throated, too: I failed to stop myself getting vocal. I just hope that the neighbours didn’t hear!

Never Leave My Side

Ever since the first time the Master and I played, he has become my go-to toy. Not only that, but I find myself fantasizing about him, and can’t wait to spend some time with him. Sadly, that has led to a couple of occasions where I have, insatiable as I am, run his ion battery down mid-session. However, I have found that the Master’s filling girth still satisfies me even without the vibrations, and when a clitoral stimulator or wand is added, there are even more exciting ways to enjoy the Master’s many pleasures.

You know it’s love when you can’t bear to be too far from your lover. In this fashion, the Master has been moved into top-drawer territory. I have other toys waiting patiently for their road-test, but at the moment I am so addicted to the Master that he and I will be continuing our little romance with gusto, even while other playmates come to visit. They will certainly have their work cut out, though. The Master is without a doubt one of the most satisfying and pleasurable toys I’ve encountered. And if you like penetrative sex-toys with hefty dimensions, I am sure that you will fall in love with the Master as deeply as I have.

The Satisfyer Vibes “Master” retails at $49.95 USD at Satisfyer.com / ยฃ44.95 GBP at Satisfyer UK, and is well worth the price.

I would like to thank the fabulous Sally from Satisfyer for sending me a treasure trove of beautiful toys to try out. Whilst I received the Master for free in exchange for a review, this has not influenced my opinion in any way. I have not received any payment for this review, and I do not receive any commission should you choose to purchase this toy via either of the links above.

All images ยฉ Jupiter Grant

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16 thoughts on ““What’s the Buzz?”Sex-Toy Review: I’m a Slave to the Master from Satisfyer Vibes

  1. This is a great vibrator, I enjoy it too. I love the soft silicone feeling inside me, it really feels realistic. I’ve never had more fun with a vibrator. Great stuff, thanks for the review, big like!

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  2. I’m always really jealous of people who can take really big toys. I’m way too tight for that, but it always sounds so delicious. I loved reading about it, at least. Glad you are having so much fun with the Master!

    Liked by 1 person

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