The Best Laugh I’ve Had in Ages!

So, last week my article “How Do You Write Smut When You Don’t Feel Sexy?” was published on The Smutlancer, and I am still buzzing. My very first publication for which I earned a fee! It is a huge confidence booster.

I was so excited when Kayla Lords let me know that my article would be going live this month, and I proudly told my fella, “My article is going to be published on The Smutlancer dot com.”

“Smut-what…?” he asked. He knows I write “filthy pornography” as he jokingly, and lovingly, calls it, but he’s not familiar with The Smutlancer or “smutlancing” as a concept. So I explained it to him, and he couldn’t have been more pleased for me. He gave me a big hug, a kiss on my forehead, and said, “That’s excellent news. I’m proud of you, hun.”

Flash forward to a couple of days ago, when he asked me how the feedback on the piece had been. Darling man, being all supportive and engaged, but apparently he forgot the name of the website:

“Have you heard anything more about your article in …uh… The Filthmonger?”

I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Bless him 🤗

It’s a pity that Kayla’s already got the name Shagstory (a great name, btw!) for the new erotic story site, otherwise The Filthmonger would’ve been a good title, lol! 😉

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