Take Me Away – Sinful Sunday

Take me away

Away from all my worries

No work, no phones,

No outside world.

This time is just for us

Let’s lose ourselves in each other.

Let’s stay in this room that time cannot touch.

Take me away, so we can play.

20 thoughts on “Take Me Away – Sinful Sunday

    1. I find it difficult at first to detatch, and extricate myself from the outside world, but it isn’t long before I’m blissed out and could happily go technology free. Glad you like the edit. I’ve never shown my eyes before on the blog- I do look kinda scary the way I’m staring down the camera! Lol! I’m not really scary; I’m a pussycat really πŸ€—πŸˆ

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  1. I like this, are you a bandit, are you being held captive with a gag, are you trick or treating? The mind is whirring for all the possibilities.

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