SoSS #16- 12/10/2019

Another week has passed and we speed on ahead towards 2020. It seems a cliché to lament how quickly time flies, but the older I get the more it rings true!

The thing I enjoy most about this time of year (for us in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway) is that the grey and increasingly chilly days are perfect for curling up with some great reading and, if it’s a really good day, the warm and snuggly body of the one you adore.

Thought I can’t help with someone to keep you company, I can certainly recommend some perfect reading to keep you warm. (Or to add some sexiness to your sultry weather for those of you in the Antipodes, South America, South Africa and other regions south of the Equator 🔥🌏)

Enjoy 🌺💋


Ripping Yarns by melodyinsights. This recollection of Bradford in the 1980s, and its red light district, Lumb Lane, is an interesting and evocative read. Melody really reconstructs her memories and makes some excellent points about “ally”-ism.

It Starts With a Kiss by Annabel Lee. A super-hot reminiscence about teenage snogging for the Food for Thought topic of “kissing”.

Voyeur by Ten Ways to Touch. A really clever concept, and very sensual writing.

I Give Up/ Give Me Your Cum from Girl on the Net. This is so relatable! I always used to shun the c.u.m., but now I’ve fallen into the habit and I can’t get enough!!

Smile for the Camera by May More. An eleven year old mystery comes to a chilling climax with the aid of an old disposable camera. Gripping storytelling from May More.

The Question Game by Coffee and Kink. Erotic hypnosis and a deliciously sexy game.

I Don’t Know Why by Miss Violet Grey. A beautiful piece of prose about taking joy and pleasure from the intimate sound, and sight, of your lover in their pleasure. Unfff….


Word of the Day Challenge #65 Untitled Poem by Jay-lyn Doerksen. A fantastically alluring and bewitching poem.

The Garden Ghost by Violet Fawkes. A very clever poem inspired by this week’s Masturbation Monday prompt photo from PurplesGem.

Love Box by Fiery. Cute and very, very sexy!

Marionetta by Harley Unhinged. A lovely poem of submission.


Autumn Colors from 365dniwobiektywielg. A stunning photo of autumnal beauty.

Stairwell Door from Focused and Filthy. Missy takes this week’s Sinful Sunday prompt, doorways, to create a perfectly framed set of images.

Doors from PinkSpaceLime. There’s something so warm and inviting in this image; soft skin, gentle curves and beautiful lines. Enthralling.

Doorway to Heaven from bluesubmission. A gorgeous image; the lighting is beautiful, and there’s a lovely warmth.

My Own Posts This Week

I wrote about Cunnilingual Kisses for Food for Thought and Masturbation Monday;

wrote a couple of poems inspired by pictures, Nymph and Sweet Submission;

joined in on this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt with a tale of a photo-shoot that turns very sexy indeed in Captured;

reviewed the Satisfyer Luxury Prêt-à-porter, and a fantastic erotic novel by Lexie Mueller;

laid about in my underwear for this week’s Lingerie is for Everyone;

received a wonderful review of my latest publication, A Horny Halloween;

And, cue drumroll, had an article published on The Smutlancer! So excited!!

See you next time,

Love, Jupiter x 🌺💋

9 thoughts on “SoSS #16- 12/10/2019

  1. Hey Jupiter Thank you for my mention and glad u liked my mystery – this is a fab Soss – actually going to check out your satisfyer review – i have that toy but have not ventured with it yet – so interested to hear what u have to say 😉 x

    Liked by 1 person

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