Book Review: “Jessie: An Erotic Romance” by Lexie Mueller

With his marriage in decline, and with his wife Deborah’s consent to a non-monogamous relationship, Ira embarks on an affair with Jess, Deborah’s best friend. What follows is an erotic, tender and beautiful story of the lifespan of their love affair.
Within a couple of chapters of “Jessie:An Erotic Romance” I was in love, both with Ira and Jess, and with Lexie Mueller’s exquisite prose. The story is heavy in erotic sex scenes, but each is told with originality and sensual beauty. I marvel at Lexie Mueller’s ability to craft multiple sex scenes whilst making each encounter feel unique.
I have seen some reviews on goodreads that suggest that there is no plot – I whole-heartedly disagree. There is a definite trajectory to the story. Perhaps there are no “crash-boom-bang” plot twists, but in life there usually aren’t, and this novelised memoir captures the subtlety and simplicity along with the heart-rending agony of love, sex and relationships.
I honestly cannot recommend this book enough. Having just finished it, I already want to delve into it again. It is beautifully written, superbly sensual, and it tells a realistic tale that is at once beautifully simple and heart-breakingly complicated.

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Featured image: Lexie Mueller’s Twitter avatar.

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