Bed Boobs

After a busy day yesterday, today I am exhausted. Though I got up earlier this morning and pretended to be a fully-functioning human being, by lunchtime I was back in bed with my favourite ambient music, courtesy of Brian Eno (“Ambient 1- Music for Airports”), and a favourite bra courtesy of my favourite purveyor of plus-size bras (‘Gem’ on amazon).

I kind of like how you can see my stretch marks and moles in this picture. I guess I’m embracing my imperfections today ๐Ÿ’

Check out more folks in their underwear at Lingerie is for Everyone

23 thoughts on “Bed Boobs

  1. There’s nothing imperfect about this! The moles are very sweet and look like they would be a the best “trail of bread crumbs” for a lover to follow and as for stretch marks … I didn’t even see them! Gorgeous and dramatic pic, Jups. Really excellent.

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