With trepidation knotting his stomach, he climbed the steep wooden stairs to her photography studio. The advertisement had called for a rugged and sexy male model who was willing to pose shirtless. He was certainly rugged, and very sexy he’d been told countless times, and the money was good. He’d had no hesitation in responding to the call. But now that he was here, he had butterflies.

She’d told him over the phone that they’d be shooting a cover for an erotic novel. His mind immediately turned to Fabio, and he had visions of himself in a long blonde wig and a puffy white shirt opened to the waist. Cheesy. He really hoped it wasn’t going to be cheesy.

He took a deep breath and knocked on the door, which was promptly answered by a jaw-droppingly gorgeous woman with dark hair and deep brown eyes.

“You must be Jamie,” she said, offering her hand, her voice rich and warm. “Hi, I’m Melissa. We spoke on the phone. Come on in, and make yourself comfortable.”

As he removed his jacket and dropped his backpack onto the floor, he stole a glance at her. She was tinkering with her camera equipment, busying herself with preparations for the shoot. In her short floral skirt and simple navy top, she looked like a vision of a spring day, long tanned legs, soft skin and beautiful curves. When she reached up to fiddle with one of the bulbs on her lighting rig, her skirt glanced up, revealing a hint of her lower buttocks. Jamie swallowed hard, and looked away just as she turned to him and announced, “Ok. I think we’re ready.”

She took a few test snaps before directing him to remove his shirt. He stood, clad only in his jeans, and struck a few sexy poses while Melissa purred her encouragement. She flitted about him, clicking away, pausing every once in a while to catch a stray lock of hair in her long fingers and tuck it back behind her ear. As he stood half-naked, admiring her beauty, he found himself imagining her tucking that stray hair out of the way while she knelt between his legs and sucked on his hard cock.

“Ooh, that’s great, Jamie,” murmured Melissa, appreciatively. “Your nipples are getting harder. Whatever you’re thinking about, keep it up.”

He felt himself blush slightly at the knowledge that she was watching him so avidly. He hoped she couldn’t tell that he was thinking about her, her bare breasts cupped warmly in his palms while her silky mouth slid up and down the length of his shaft, her wet, pink tongue slipping out to flick over his leaking tip…

“Hmmm, that’s perfect, Jamie,” she cooed. “Beautiful.”

Oh fuck. He felt his prick stirring in his jeans, the familiar pulse of blood racing to his groin. Oh no, no. Please not now. He immediately tried to pull back, thinking of cold showers, politics, poverty and famine, anything but the supple curve of her hips, the silken skin of her thigh, the texture of her nipple between his teeth. Oh God.

He swallowed hard and tried to clear his mind. He focussed on her face; she was smiling warmly, watching him with an intense fascination. She drew a chair up, and sat down before him, taking some shots from a lower angle and as she did so, she let her knees fall open. He was graced with the heavenly sight of her inner thighs, and the dark crotch of her panties.

Jamie felt his breath hitch. Did she know, did she mean to be showing herself to him like this? As though in response, Melissa leaned back a little and pulled the hem of her skirt higher. Jamie could now see a dark patch of material where Melissa’s wetness was seeping through. She was turned on, too.

Did he dare to get playful? He didn’t want to misread the signals and offend her, and he certainly didn’t want to lose this job. But the sight of her reclined with her legs parted, watching him so avidly with those deep molasses eyes of hers was making it impossible to deny the increasingly insistent throbbing in his dick.

Jamie ran a hand over his torso, teasingly, and down to the waistband of his jeans. Melissa murmured, “yes, that’s very nice. Very sexy,” and continued to snap pictures as Jamie let his fingers tease the light smattering of hair on his lower belly. He brought his other hand up to his pecs, rubbing gently at his erect nipple.

Melissa leaned as far back in her chair as she possibly could, seeming to offer her aroused sex to him, and he watched in awe as she began to rock her hips back and forth in a sensual, hypnotic grind. Emboldened by her clear interest, he allowed both hands to meet at the top of his jeans and slowly unbuttoned his fly.

Melissa made a little sighing noise, and clicked away on the camera, her panties growing wetter and darker as the slick of her lust pooled against the material.

“Oh, that’s beautiful, Jamie,” she moaned, her voice husky and thick. “You’re beautiful.”

He lowered his jeans down to his ankles and stepped out of them. His prick was straining against his underwear, and a damp patch of precum was leaking a stain into the fabric.

“Hmmm, why don’t you take that out? Get comfortable. We won’t use these ones. These shots will be just for fun.”

They both smiled knowingly at each other, and Jamie reached slowly into his underwear and pulled out his throbbing prick.

“Gorgeous,” Melissa murmured. “Stroke it for me, Jamie. Please.”

He willingly palmed his length slowly, teasingly, while Melissa snapped a few more shots. After a few minutes, she stood up and set the camera up on the tripod, pausing to slip her skirt down her legs, exposing her lacy knickers, and pulling her top off, under which she was braless. Her nipples were hard, her areoles a creamy caramel colour, and Jamie felt another surge of heat in his cock as he watched her return to the chair and position the tripod beside her, setting it to automatic. Sitting back, she opened her legs wide and ran a finger over the wet crotch of her panties.

Jamie watched the fabric gently slipping between her damp lips with each stroke of her elegant digit. She ran a long line from her perineum all the way up to her clit, and with each movement, her flushed pink pussy lips emerged from behind the veil of her panties. With a groan, Jamie gripped his member tighter and made his strokes firmer.

Melissa reached a hand up to knead and caress her nipples while her finger continued its intoxicating journey up and down the sopping crotch of her underwear. The camera clicked away in the background, a voyeuristic recorder of the rising heat between them.

“How about you take those panties off?” Jamie suggested with a wicked grin. “Let me see what treasures you’re hiding in between those beautiful legs of yours.”

Melissa lifted her hips off the chair, and shucked her panties down her shapely legs. When she opened her thighs this time, Jamie practically shot his load, entranced by the delicate pink lips and the glistening, creamy slick that bubbled at the entrance to her cunt. He could just imagine himself kneeling before her, between her slender thighs, and dipping his tongue into that simmering volcano, spreading her juices all over her engorged pussy before taking her rosy clit in between his lips, flicking his tongue over it, and then pulling it into his hungry, suckling mouth.

As he worked his hand up and down his tumescence, occasionally running his thumb over his dripping tip and collecting the milky fluid of his arousal, he watched Melissa pinch her nipple hard while her other hand slid down to her sodden pussy and, with the flat of her fingers, rubbed lazy circles over her labia and clit.

Jamie was mesmerised as he watched her smearing her liquid over her cunt, making her damp petals undulate with delicious wet noises, a moist, mouth-watering sound that created a beautiful musical symphony alongside the rhythmic thudding of his hand pumping his prick and the frequent click of the camera shutter.

Melissa moaned as she dipped her fingers inside her oozing cunt, thrusting them in and out a couple of times before sliding them back up, slick and creamy, to her clitoris. Once again, she flattened her fingers and rubbed at her pussy, but faster, more insistently this time. Her hips rocked and her bottom ground against the chair; Jamie could see the puddle of wetness collecting on the seat and staining the upholstery with a dark damp spot.

“Oh, fuck, Jamie. You’re so beautiful,” she cooed, her voice catching as her climax built. Her fingers trembling, she stroked hard and fast at her slippery oyster, with its slick pearl glistening, beckoning, a salty, fleshy delicacy that Jamie longed to taste.

“Fuck,” he grunted, his hand speeding up as his balls tightened and pulsed. He needed to come, god he needed to come. And he could tell from her gasps, her writhing hips and her feverish fingers strumming hard and fast at her pussy, that she was on the brink, too. As the camera shutter clicked away, he brought a hand down to squeeze his balls as his pounding strokes wrung a fierce and violent orgasm from him. Long, hot ropes of cum spurted thickly from his cock as he rolled his head back and growled.

As his climax subsided and he milked each rich spurt from his pulsing prick, he heard the juicy clicking sound of Melissa’s sopping cunt as she masturbated herself. With his pulse racing and his cock twitching, he watched her arch her back, thrust her hips forward and cry out as she squirted a stream of fluid from her cunt. As she came, she fluttered her fingers over her labia, rubbing left to right briskly, drawing another sprinkling forth as she howled and mewled.

Unable to hold back any longer, Jamie rushed towards her, sinking to his knees and covering her beautiful cunt with his mouth. As she ran her fingers through his hair, he brought her legs up to rest on his broad shoulders and tasted every delicious drop of juice from her sublime pussy.

As she heard the click of the shutter continuing, Melissa had a fleeting realisation that it was capturing nothing but empty space now. But within a fraction of a second, the thought was overtaken as Jamie drew her tingling clit between his soft lips and began to suck gently. She hadn’t really wanted to take this project, fearing that an erotic book cover shoot would be a cheesy throwback to the days of Barbara Cartland, or shirtless and windswept Fabio-types. But as Jamie teased another orgasm from her, drinking her slick moisture into his hungry mouth, any regret or hesitation she may have had vanished.

By the time she and Jamie had finished pleasuring each other that day, the camera’s brand new memory card was completely full. However, only a few shots, those taken at the start of the shoot, were remotely usable. Those, she submitted to her client; the others Melissa kept for her own private portfolio.

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21 thoughts on “Captured

  1. I really liked this story. The build-up was fabulous. In many ways we had the story from both perspectives. Nicely told!! And so very hot!!

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  2. Great third person writing – worked brilliantly in this tale. It is my weak area so I don’t do it often – but I think I will challenge my self very soon x

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    1. Thank you very much, May. That’s very kind of you to say. I was very tempted to write in first person, but I thought I’d try something I haven’t done in a while. I’m glad you enjoyed it πŸ’‹

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  3. Oh wow, such great writing and a brilliant capture of exciting creative endeavours! I love that it leaves me with those imagined snapshots, all helped along by your wonderful words! Brilliant x

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