“What’s the Buzz?”: The Prêt-à-porter from Satisfyer Luxury Sex-Toy Review

The lovely folks at Satisfyer HQ sent me a box of sensual goodies, and as soon as I ran the knife down the slit and pulled open the flaps (steady!), I was in love. So many toys, where on earth to begin?!

Having unpacked the treasure trove, I decided to begin my sexual road-testing with the very elegant Prêt-à-porter. This clitoral stimulator is from Satisfyer’s Luxury range, and it is a really beautiful piece of kit. Made with extra soft luxury silicone, leather, aluminium and copper, it is waterproof and whisper quiet. Using both pressure waves and vibration, the Prêt-à-porter has two separately controllable motors, 11 pressure wave programs, and 10 vibration patterns. With this much style, class and sensual variety in one neat toy, I couldn’t wait to get started.

Start Me Up

With the Prêt-à-porter charged up and ready for action, (USB charging is done via two magnetised ports at the bottom of the toy- see below) I positioned the soft silicone ring opening over my button and had a leisurely stroll through the various settings as I warmed up. I was immediately disappointed, though, as there either wasn’t much in the way of power, or the ring was not encasing my clit as it should. I persisted, attempting to get the opening in a good position, but no matter how I tried, I couldn’t make the Prêt-à-porter latch onto my pearl and do its thing. Zero orgasms this time, I’m afraid.

Take Two

I figured maybe a little bit of a helping hand would do the trick, so brought the toy into some couple play with my partner. We tried a view variations, me wielding the toy while he held my, erm, lips open; me parting my bits while he pressed the toy against my clitoral region. Though I had a few little waves of pleasure, the toy was largely a distraction from the other goings-on. We had a go with me lying on my back and holding the Prêt-à-porter to my flesh while he thrust inside me, but gave up quickly when we found it too difficult to accommodate the toy between our bodies. Unlike many air pulse clit stimulating toys, the Prêt-à-porter has no bend- it’s a straight up and down design- and this makes it difficult to slip into your area in a fuck-friendly way. Moreover, on the rare occasion I was able to get the silicone ring in an enjoyable position, it would quickly slip out of place. In the end, he and I ditched the toy and continued very effectively without it. Sorry Prêt-à-porter, but that’s strike two.

Third Time’s the Charm?

My third attempt with the Prêt-à-porter was another solo outing outing, only this time I teamed it with another new toy from the Satisfyer range, “The Master” (stay tuned for a review soon. That is if I can stop playing with it long enough!! 👄). With the thick length of “The Master” rumbling with delicious vibrations inside me, I got a bit more enjoyment from the Prêt-à-porter. The vibrations of the Master against my vaginal wall worked at stimulating my clitoral region from the inside, while the gentle vibrations (I don’t know if I’ve been spoiled by powerful wand vibrators, but I didn’t really feel much power behind the Prêt-à-porter) on the outside gave me a lovely dual work-over. With a bit of wriggling and rotating of the Prêt-à-porter, I did manage to climax, and it was a lovely, full-throated orgasm (thank goodness my neighbours were at work!). However, I suspect that it was “The Master” doing most of the ahem grunt work while, sadly, the Prêt-à-porter was little more than a firm object to strum against my button.

I’m sorry, Prêt-à-porter but, aesthetically beautiful as you are, you and I just didn’t gel. Proof if any were needed that looks aren’t everything.

Though I didn’t get on with the Prêt-à-porter, all bodies are different, and I’m sure that other clit-owners may find it just the ticket. If you’d like to purchase the Prêt-à-porter for yourself, it retails at $129.95 US/ £115.96 GBP and you can pick it up online from the Satisfyer website: Satisfyer US or Satisfyer UK.

I would like to thank the fabulous Sally from Satisfyer for sending me a treasure trove of beautiful toys to try out. Whilst I received the Prêt-à-porter for free in exchange for a review, this has not influenced my opinion in any way. I have not received any payment for this review, and I do not receive any commission should you choose to purchase this toy via either of the links above.

All images © Jupiter Grant

6 thoughts on ““What’s the Buzz?”: The Prêt-à-porter from Satisfyer Luxury Sex-Toy Review

  1. I haven’t got this one, but I find with the “sucker” and the “vibes” on the highest setting I get on well with the hi Fashion… but it takes a bit of wiggling to find the right spot 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I have received the hi fashion, and I am looking forward to trying it. I think the opening looks a lot more body-friendly with the bended neck rather than the straight up and down of the Prêt-à-porter. 💋


    1. Yes, thank you again for putting her in touch. I’m definitely enjoying road-testing the range. What the Prêt-à-porter lacked, “The Master” has been making up for, very well and very often!! 😋

      Liked by 1 person

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