Excerpt from “Incubus”

Out Now: A Horny Halloween- Six Smutty Stories for the Samhain Season

Jupiter's Lair

Excerpt from “Incubus”

“A Horny Halloween: Six Smutty Stories for the Samhain Season.”

I heard her. Heard her soul yearning and her body awakening. From the dark pit she drew me forth, her innocent flesh and the smell of her virgin quim. There is nothing but the stinking void in my realm. We hover, unformed, in the swirling heat of our prison, waiting. Sniffing the air, you could say, although we have none of their human senses. Not until we are brought into their world. Then we can take on a semblance of earthy shape and form for a short while. And it is their sexual energy we feed on to fuel our shapeshifting.   

I awoke with a start. Though I could not recall any details, I knew that something in the dream had frightened me. My heart beat rapidly inside my rib cage. I do not know if…

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