Cunnilingual Kisses

Kaleidoscopic colours cavort behind clenched eyelids,

As you kiss a tender trail from my belly to my bush,

My arms outstretched, a sacrifice of sweaty skin and slick sex.

Your tantalising tongue tripping over my quaking curves,

Warm lips moist, seeking soft, slippery succulence.

A tremble tweaks my tensed, taut muscles,

My thighs tight and twitching,

As I await the teasing touch of your tongue

Slowly sipping the smooth silk of my sex.

You slide with sinuous spirals, savouring my sweet slit.

I hum and howl and holler, lungs burning hot

As your hungry mouth marauds my hollows,

Hips undulating

Up and down.

Desire, desperate and delicious, makes my body buck,

Breasts bouncing as my breath heaves

And my flesh flourishes and flounders

beneath your oral onslaught,

While wet and warm, my willing chasm waits,


Wanting the wondrous whispered purr of your permission

To purge with a pulsing punch of pleasure

An ocean of fervent fluid, coaxed from my cunt

By your cunnilingual kisses upon my quivering quim.

Artwork: “Cunnilingus” by Betty Dodson. Click picture to visit original source website.
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