SoSS 15- 5/10/2019

It’s October and time for the first SoSS of the new season. There’s been loads of wonderful content on my tablet this week, and it’s another jam-packed SoSS from me this weekend. I hope you’ll enjoy all these wonderful stories, discussions, poems and images as much as I have.

Happy weekend, and happy reading.

Love, Jupiter ๐ŸŒบ ๐Ÿ’‹


I Did It and So Can You- How to Get Through Tough Times by Deviant Succubus. Brilliantly written discussion and advice on depression and mental health.

Want, Need, Crave by Kurvy Kinkster. Beautifully and viscerally capturing the experience of waking up to craving, but also to emptiness. I really identified with this fantastic piece.

What Does #MeToo Mean To Me by Floss. A very thoughtful and cogent discussion of #MeToo, sexism, and entitlement.

I’m Done With Being Subtle. Period by Quinn Rhodes. The realities of menstruation, the stigma and embarrassment around it, and the ways in which we often skirt around the topic for fear of ‘offending’ the sensibilities of others.

Morning Comes by David Mei. What a delicious way to start the day!

If We Were To Kiss by Bumbling Dad. This sensual his and hers story was written for Smutathon 2019, and is sublimely hot.

First Time Without Penetration by Daire Faust. The sizzling pleasure of sex sans penetration is perfectly described in this Smutathon 2019 offering.

Me, You, Us from Knkstriped. Zebra Rose brilliantly asserts that nothing, repeat nothing will ever “negate, excuse, cancel out or justify mistreatment of women.” Hell to the yeah!

Best of You from Kisungura. A heartfelt discussion in which Kis talks about the effect of giving one’s best to work, kids etc, and leaving norhing left to nourish your relationship with your partner. I’m sure many of us recognise this struggle, and Kis speaks about it so eloquently.


Extasis by Paul Vincent Cannon. Sultry and sensual, and very erotic.

Gag Me by Dana R. So pleased to see Dana back with her luscious poetry, and this one is delicious.

Dominate Pleasures II by Taylor Grace and SirHanz. This collaborative piece is very well done, and hints at bawdy pleasures to come.

Dead by erobern. Heartbreaking poetry.

My Moon Whispers by Fiery. Stunning word pictures.


Mosaic from submissy. What an amazing and clever image!

Reflection from Little Switch Bitch. A stunning photo, beautiful interplay of light and shadow.

Unabashed from Love is a Fetish. I love the expression on Nikki’s face, and the super sexy pose.

100% Homemade from Krystal Minx. Mouth-watering in every way!

Imprint from Focused and Filthy. I’m so drawn to the imprint marks on the mystery model’s skin, as well as the beautifully tied breasts. I’d happily have a large print of this shot hanging in my front room! I think it’s an absolute work of art!

Beautiful Bugs from Armann and Kaymann. Such a perfect image.

The Ultimate Accessory from Violet Fawkes. I’m fascinated and very intrigued by the discussion of Violet’s partner Ralph’s plans for a Prince Albert piercing, but it’s the picture that accompanies this interview that I find especially beautiful. The light and shadow, the texture; exquisite.

My Own Posts This Week

I spent Saturday writing in support of Smutathon, and posted four pieces;

Politicising the Womb: The Use of Women’s Reproductive Health as a Locus of Political and Religious Discourse

Love in the Afternoon

Cava and Cunnilingus

and my Masturbation Monday submission, Come and Get It While It’s Hot

I said farewell to Mrs Fever’s fantastic September Song Project and welcome to October in Spiderdust and Halloween.

I spoke about my latest mental health relapse in Lost: One Mojo. If Found Please Return to Jupiter Grant

And I released my second independently published book, A Horny Halloween: Six Smutty Stories for the Samhain Season. At the risk of being immodest, I’m super proud of this collection, and have already been receiving some very positive feedback, for which I am tremendously grateful. ๐Ÿ’‹

10 thoughts on “SoSS 15- 5/10/2019

  1. Thanks so much for including my piece. Funny thing, about 4-5 years ago now, Ralph won a โ€œhottest cockโ€ photo award with that pic and received a vibrating cock ring as a prize!

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