Spiderdust and Halloween

Inspired by the song “Spiderdust” by Bel Canto. Clip below.
“A Horny Halloween: Six Smutty Stories for the Samhain Season”. Out 1st October

It’s the final day of September, which means the final day of the September Song Project. Thank you so much to Mrs Fever for her wonderful concept. It’s been tremendous fun taking part.

Today being September 30th also means that October will be upon us tomorrow, bringing with it the release of my second ever indie publication, a Halloween-inspired short story collection entitled “A Horny Halloween: Six Smutty Stories for the Samhain Season.”

Here’s a little summary and precis of the contents:

The Rite

Three witches gather in a sapphic rite to summon a dark force and feed its malevolent power.


The year is 1657, and the chaste Honour Falstaff is being lured into acts of wild depravity by a wicked incubus from the Hell realms.

The Crypt

Mia wakes up with a hangover and clouded, disturbing memories of the night before. Who was that exotic stranger with the dark eyes, and what exactly did the two of them get up to last night?

Trick or Treat

A Fem-dommy woman takes her sub-curious new boyfriend on a journey of sexy exploration, leading to a delicious Halloween-night treat.


Terence wanted the perfect woman, and he was willing to pay for her. But he soon finds himself paying a higher price than he could ever have bargained for.

Lost in Ecstasy

An afternoon respite in a scenic tourist spot leads to horror, when what seemed like a divine encounter takes a sinister turn. (warning: some blasphemous themes)

“A Horny Halloween” is available to preorder now. Click the image above to visit the appropriate amazon page for your country.

As this will be my final September Song Project post, and in keeping with the spooky, witchy vibe of the approaching month, here is a favourite track from one of my favourite bands, Norway’s Bel Canto. I fell in love with them the first time I heard lead singer Anneli Drecker’s gorgeous voice!


She lived in limbo.

Time showed no mercy.

Til a man in grey gave her

Doses of sweet poison.

Mmm she got, mmm she got

Hoodoo-ed, voodoo-ed

Mmm she got, mmm she got

Finally released.

She stirred huge cauldrons

Of toads and henbane.

And spiderdust, spiderdust

Hotchpotch for haunted love

Spiderdust, spiderdust

Hotchpotch for the evil-eye

Spiderdust, spiderdust

Hotchpotch for spellbound lust

Spiderdust, spiderdust

Hotchpotch for the demonised.

10 thoughts on “Spiderdust and Halloween

  1. All of these stories were fantastic, Jupiter! You really outdid yourself. My favorite was the one about the Incubus, but I’m partial to those kind of stories to begin with.

    Liked by 2 people

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