Come And Get It While It’s Hot

Written for Smutathon 2019

Inspired by “Baby, Come and Get It” by The Pointer Sisters.

The shrill sound of my phone’s ringtone wakes me from a deep and restful sleep. For a moment or two, I am completely confused and discombobulated. Then comes the panic: the only reason someone would be calling at this time of the morning is because of an emergency. Something bad must have happened. Flustered, I snap up my phone, glance at the caller ID, and swipe to answer it.

“What? What’s happened?” I ask, my pulse racing with a powerful chemical combination of anxiety and dread.

“I’m in a taxi. I’m coming over,” he replies, simply. I can hear the sound of the car engine in the background, confirming that he’s not joking.

“Why? Oh God, what’s going on? Tell me.”

“I need you. Now.”

This sounds urgent.

“Fuck,” I mumble into the phone.

There is a pause, before he answers, “Well, yes, as it happens. Precisely.”


“I need to fuck you. Tonight. Or this morning, whatever it is. Right now.”

I am dumbstruck. Surely he did not just call me at 2 in the morning for a booty call.

“Are you fucking high!?” I ask, incredulously, rubbing my sleep-encrusted eyes.

“No, I’m not. But Tarquin is certainly getting higher as we speak, imagining himself buried in your sweet, wet pussy.”

Tarquin. Our pet name for his penis. Whenever he starts referring to his prick in the third person, I know shit’s getting serious.

“But baby, we’re seeing each other tomorrow night.” I do some quick arithmetic in my addled head. “Tonight. Whatever.”

“I know but I can’t wait until then, baby. I need you.”

Shit. My body reacts immediately to the desire in his voice, a Pavlovian response inside the deepest depths of my cunt. I feel the familiar wetness start to drizzle from between my legs, moistening the crotch of my silky underwear. My nipples pucker and harden, tingling as their erect peaks brush against the satin of my babydoll nightie. His need is like a siren call to my own.

I sigh, “Honey, you’re so naughty.”

He chuckles, and the husky timbre of his voice sends my pulse racing.

“You better believe it, baby. And I intend on being very naughty indeed when I get there. First, I’m going to kiss you, hard, and carry you back to bed. Next, I’m going to pull your panties down using only my teeth, and then kiss and lick my way slowly back up the insides of your legs until I reach your beautiful, wet pussy.”

I moan, and slide a hand under the neckline of my nightie to caress my nipples as he continues.

“I’m gonna slip my tongue in between your velvety folds, and taste your sweet cunt while you rub yourself against my face. I’m gonna drink every drop of juice from your pussy, suck on your pretty little clit, and make you cum with my mouth, my tongue and my lips. Again and again.”

The heavy throbbing between my legs intensifies, the pulsing waves of my arousal beating like a bass drum in my sex. It occurs to me that the taxi driver can probably hear the deliciously filthy things that he is purring down the phone to me. The thought that the driver might be getting turned on while eavesdropping on our dirty phone call sends a frisson of excitement through me.

“Then,” he coos, “when you’ve cum so many times that your body is limp and your breath is hard and panting, I’m going to kneel between your thighs and slide the head of my hard cock up and down your slit, and sink inside your warm cunt.”

I hear his voice catch and make out the sound of him swallowing hard. I wonder whether he will actually make it to my place before blowing his load. It really sounds as though he’s close to cumming there and then.

“How far away are you, baby?” I ask, pinching my nipple firmly between my thumb and the knuckle of my forefinger. I can practically feel the thick length of him inside me, my legs wrapping around his hips as he thrusts hard and fast. I am so wet that I can feel the slick stickiness soaking straight through my underwear, coating the inside of my thighs and seeping into the sheet beneath me.

There is no reply. Fuck, had he cum? Is he silently recovering from his climax, the inside of his trousers filled with his spunk and Tarquin currently deflating in the viscous liquid?

“Baby? You there?”



Suddenly, the intercom buzzes noisily, indicating someone at the door of my apartment building. I pounce up from the bed and race to buzz him in. On the video screen, I see him smile and wink as the door clicks open. My legs tremble as I hear the lift spring to life, knowing that he is only seconds away. The lustful ache in my cunt is almost unbearable; I have to fight the urge to slip my fingers under the waistband of my panties and start stroking my clit.

When I hear the lift landing on my floor, I open my front door and watch him practically sprint down the corridor toward me. He crosses the threshold, his erect prick tenting his trousers and his urgent, shaking hands reaching for me. I purr, “come and get it, baby,” as he slams the door shut behind him and makes good on all his filthy promises.

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17 thoughts on “Come And Get It While It’s Hot

  1. In reality people know not to wake me unless it’s an absolute emergency…but damn, this is a hot fantasy. Still love my sleep tho :p

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